Hello, dear readers. I am young traveler, who became passionate about sharing stories from different countries on the globe.

I have started this blog to be in help of all of you and to challenge myself to continue travelling. As one of my best stories are related with my travel experience, I want to inspire you to travel more, to discover everyday new places, to meet different people and to be open-minded. To travel and to explore different cultures is the most exciting part of my life and the best lessons ever earned.

I am sure this is kind of addiction, because once you start it’s never ending process.

Hope to enjoy my posts, hope to exchange many crazy ideas with you.

The journey has started! Stay with me on the road!


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Jambo,
    I enjoyed reading about your Spice Island Tour. We did the same tour in 2015. It started
    raining just as the was near the end……so they sat us under a large Thatched Hut and began serving our group of eight all this wonderful tropical fruit. It was a magical experience listening to the rain drops on the roof, eating and learning about the spices grown there. Would recommend doing this if in Zanzibar for sure.


    1. Hakuna matata! I like your experience very much and for sure sounds as tropical and exotic adventure. Zanzibar is amazing and I hope to go back some day!
      Thanks for sharing your experience!


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