“I wish you were as tolerant as your ass”

We are drinking cocktails in the bar in Zanzibar (Tanzania) together with Faustin – our new friend called black dolphin. Check HOW WE MET MR FAUSTIN IN ZANZIBAR  and the great experience – BLUE SAFARI – organized by him!


The bar in our hotel Coco Paradise is just so relaxed. Our friend Faustin shares with us different stories happened here, on African land. Before a year, on the New Years Eve, Faustin was called in front of the people. They loved his natural charm and wanted him New Year’s speech.

Faustin drunk 3 beers fast. Then the speech came. He stood up. Silence.

“I wish you to be as tolerant as your ass!”

Silence. Some of the quests of the hotel started whispering.

And then Faustin continued: “When we are sick – where we have injections? In the ass. When the little kids make troubles – where we slap them – on the ass. When you are tired how you can relax? The answer is sitting on your ass. When you want to meet friends – you go out sit and talk – but sitting on the ass. So I wish you to be as tolerant as the ass!”

Wild applause after the Faustin speech.

Oh, Faustin! We miss you.

I am sending kisses to the Indian ocean.




Yoga on the Indian Coast

Africa can be very spiritual places.


Joga exercises on the Indian Coast in Zanzibar is a great experience. You can really feel the nature, the smell of the ocean and the beauty of the entire place.


Travelling to Africa, Zanzibar was one of the best things that happened in my life and I am so grateful!


Check my African vibes on my blog:

Let’s start preparation for Zanzibar

Malaria and malaron

Vaccines for Tanzania

Passport and Visa. A millionaire in a day.

Mr Faustin from Zanzibar, Africa

What to see in Zanzibar:

Prison Island

Stone town

Blue safari in Indian ocean

Jambiani beach

Spice tour in Zanzibar

African doors against elephants

Stay cool and keep traveling!




Many cows = a house/ an apartment + a car + a good job!

We are here on the island Zanzibar in Tanzania. We arranged everything about 6 months ago so now we can enjoy Africa! I strongly recommend to discover Africa.

On a lonely island nearby Zanzibar

Here you can find useful information what to know in advance before going in Africa, Zanzibar.

Preparation for Zanzibar – TIPS

Malaria and malarone


Passport and Visa for Tanzania

First impressions from Zanzibar. The main asphalt roads are two, some roundabouts and almost no road signs. Driving is on the left sides, UK standard. There are sand roads through the forest between the palms and the small huts of the locals.

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While passing through Jozani forest we see some unique Zanzibar red colobus monkeys. They can be seen only here! They are staring with you sometimes but actually don’t care much what happen around. Small, cute and indifferent – this is the behavior of the red colobus monkeys on the island.

Unfortunately this is a pet monkey not red colobus monkey

People here live simple and they are very poor. There are some parts with no electricity and water. But I can see some locals are driving expensive cars like jeep. Big contrast. And while some parts are so poor there are places on the island Zanzibar which take you to Paradise.

Drinking wine in Indian ocean! Cheers !

We spent our blessed time in such paradise – our hotel Coco Paradise is on Jambiani beach.



African playing game which I didn’t understand

I’ve never been in such exotic and romantic place. Here everything is perfect for the tourists – there is spa, massages, restaurants, perfect fresh ocean food, clean wide beaches and amazing stuff. Hakuna matata!


While travelling through the island I see schools and small kids dressed in tidy uniforms, the colors are white and blue.

African girl is going to school barefoot in Zanzibar

The driver of our car explains that in Tanzania the kids are going to school the whole year, there is no summer vacation, just some fests during the year. Some of the kids are going to school barefoot and this looks so natural! I love the eyes of the Zanzibar kids!

Kids playing with a bicycle
Kids playing on the beach
Me playing with kids

The richest local people in Zanzibar have many cows. This is a big sign of prosperity here.

Many cows (in Zanzibar) = a house/ an apartment + a car + a good job (in Europe)

But I think all locals are rich because of the beautiful nature on the Spice island Zanzibar.


No matter where you come from, you will be able to understand locals on the African coast because they speak very good English as England colony in the past. And some of them are ready to teach you some Swahili 🙂

The crab wonders “What are you waiting for?”

What are you waiting for? Start planning your vacation to Zanzibar, Tanzania!




Prison island (Zanzibar, Tanzania)

In the past when the ships returned to Zanzibar island, they departed here, and if the people were sicked/ deceased they stayed on the Prison island (an island in Indian ocean, Tanzania). If they were healthy and good, they went home after a quarantine period. That’s why this island is called Prison island.

Prison island looks more like Paradise island…

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I love Prison island. Me and my friends arranged one day trip to Prison island and to Stone Town.

Our capitan is shinning!

It is easy to go to Prison island. Once in Zanzibar, Tanzania you need to go to the Zanzibar port in Stone town. There are lots of small boats and locals who can take you there through Indian ocean. Better options is to buy a day excursion with a guide – visiting Prison island plus some snorkeling above amazing coral reef and zebra fishes.

After that you can land in Stone town port and walking through the city.

The price is around 40 USD.

You can take this trip from your hotel or choose an offer by locals.

Our guide was Hassan Bin Haji. He also organized for us amazing Spice tour.

He is very nice guy and we became friends. Perfect tour guide for the whole Zanzibar, Tanzania.

Nowadays Prison island is the home of giant old turtles. So stunning place with azure shore. The Tanzanian turtles live till 200 years! The oldest creates I have ever seen.

On the shell of this turtle is written its age 🙂

And the baby turtles are so cute. I can hold them in my hands. These turtles are the proof that as locals say “pole pole” which means take it easy, is the best formula for longevity.

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In front of us two turtles dove in a love game – spectacular and sound. The turtles are rare species and locals enjoy their love acts because they will populate.

Hello from my new friend – Prison island giant turtle

Despite of the the fact they are so enormous and interesting, the turtles can bite you painfully and you have to be cautious. In the sun they fall into a state of complete inactivity.

And I hear your question “What else I can see on this Prison island?” Well, the beauty of the nature, crystal clear water, silence of the past and ocean birds…

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Kisses and stay with me on the road! Africa is always the best choice!

Blue safari in Zanzibar, Tanzania

Faustino! He organizes for us Blue Safari in the Indian ocean (from Zanzibar, Tanzania) and takes us in the world of colorful zebra fishes, white brilliant coral reef and secluded islands.


During the Blue Safari Faustin is our guide in the Indian ocean who cannot swim! and our Swahili teacher.  Later we realized he is our best African friend!

Check here How we met Mr Faustin in Zanzibar. In case you need his contacts please write me on private massage.



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Blue Safari! All day in the ocean! Snorkeling and ocean waves, while we are swimming, exploring, laying on the beach of an unknown island, eating exotic fruits and ocean food… we fall in love with the soul of this eccentric Faustin. He has 3 sisters but they were 9 kids. He says this:

“The life and its end it’s just check-out from this hotel “World”. And you are ready for the next adventure.”


Our Blue Safari is our best African experience ever! I feel so free and so calm. I hear the nature and I can taste it on my skin. Zanzibar island is amazing but being here, in a lonely island far away from Zanzibar, just us! This is fantastic! I can behave like a kid, I can jump in the water, found myself running on the beach… drinking wine in the water while sitting. Chilling time! Perfect moments! We are laughing loudly and on the chocolate face of Faustin the white teeth are shining.

We have fresh seafood – delicious!

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Resting and sitting in the water; we go back to the shore and have a little more time to eat, laying on the sand, strolling, swimming, diving among the rocks, and sometimes we take out ocean treasures; we eat fruits in the water, collect mussels. Amazing variety of flora and fauna! We found mangrove tree – the only one that drinks salty water!


Indescribable atmosphere and a very good company! And Faustin was proclaimed unanimously for the African God of the Blue Safari!

We are blessed to be where we are!



How we met Mr Faustin in Zanzibar

We are laying on the beach all day long and our incredible stay in Coco Paradise Hotel – Jambiani beach, is more than amazing. I strongly recommend the hotel as a great place to stay in Zanzibar (Tanzania), the stuff is excellent; the restaurant and the kitchen are one of the best on the beach. Price versus quality – completely satisfied level!


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The pool is a great relaxing area for reading a book, chilling, swimming and enjoying the nature around.



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We enjoy the African nature and the day ends with beautiful sunset under the Indian ocean.

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It’s our dinner time, we are in a hungry mood eating delicious fresh ocean food (fished today, cooked today and to be eaten today).


The African wine is with exotic aftertaste and I really enjoy it. In the restaurant of the hotel Mr Faustin noticed us and came to check where we are from and what kind of people we are. He has a big smile and he is very friendly, always ready for jokes. We liked him at the very beginning of our first conversation.

He offered us to go with him on a Blue Safari – all day long adventure in the Indian ocean. Food included on a lonely island. Snorkeling with many colorful fishes and more…

Of course we took the offer and I will share with you in details how our Blue Safari became the greatest experience in Zanzibar! Soon on my blog!

With Mr Faustin on a Blue Safari

But the most valuable from the Blue Safari is the connection with such a nice personality – Mr Faustin. He brings the natural positive vibes with him and he has seen a lot in his life. He speaks 6 languages (English, German, Italian, Spanish, Swahili, French) and we took some lessons on Swahili. He is crazy funny and his jokes bring wisdom.

Our group really love him and we are keeping in touch now. We really hope we will meet him again some day!

We all are blessed to have this kind of people in our life who can teach you to take it easy and to think for really the most important things. For all the rest – “Pole Pole” which translated from Swahili means “Just take it easy. Relax.”

Can’t wait to share soon more from my Zanzibar experience! Stay cool!


Jambiani beach

While being in Africa, we experienced one of the best beaches in Zanzibar, Tanzania. We booked a hotel on the beach Jambiani, Indian ocean. Next to Jambiani is Paje beach – perfect for surfing and swimming. Both are wide and burning white beaches.



We stayed in Coco Paradise hotel or Villa de Coco how locals know it. I love the place and you will love it too! Great conditions, fresh food, nice restaurant, chilling area on the beach and we had amazing view from our balcony. The stuff is very nice and ready to help you. We booked our apartments via Booking.com, other platforms also have the hotel in their list.

Let’s walk through Paradise!

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African vibes everywhere.

What’s next? More sunny days in Zanzibar and more adventures. Stay with me on the road. Kisses.

African doors against elephants!

We are walking on the streets in Stone Town (Zanzibar), Tanzania. I already shared with you my experience- check it here .



Hassan, our tour guide is with us – his facebook. You can alwasy contact him.

We are in front of a door against elephants. Yes! There are no elephants at all on the island Zanzibar! but in the past Indians who have built these doors didn’t know 🙂 Hassan explains to us they believed these doors can really protect them if elephants walk through the streets. So this is like a heritage from Indians who have lived here in Africa, on the island Zanzibar.



I find myself asking “Are these doors really safe?” And the answer is – “No”. Hassan and my friends start laughing.

Hakuna Matata! Life is good and there is а tease on every corner.



Spice tour on the spice island Zanzibar

Island Zanzibar, Tanzania, is called Spice island. Here there are variety of cooking spices (spices for fish, chicken and other meat), spices and herbs used in medicine, spices for decoration and home usage. Some spices are even used for construction materials.


The ocean food and all exotic fruits are so delicious and the spices turn them into paradise food. The taste of Zanzibar food is unforgettable.

Our spice tour in one Zanzibar plantation overturned our imagination of some plants, herbs and fruits. Let’s start the tour now!


We are walking through the forest plantation, it smells so strong of so many spices and fruits. It is relaxing and our best tour guide Hassan is with us ready to explain about every tree, every grass and everything we are seeing.

Find Hassan’s facebook here and you better contact him if you want to travel through Zanzibar, Tanzania.


Nutmeg tree. My first time I see it.

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Cacao tree. Why I start thinking of chocolate!?


Lipstick tree. From this tree local produce lipsticks for women. It is natural, shiny colorful and long-lasting. A local guy shows us how to use it 🙂


Carnation flower. We discovered the Swahili  word is pronounced exactly the same as in Bulgarian language. So many plant names in Swahili are common with the Bulgarian words for the same things. May be common origins..? Carnation flower is used for massage oil. Locals use carnation to cook the local specialty pilaf rice and for medical purposes.


Vanilla tree – first time I see vanilla as a tree. The vanilla flower changes its color from green to brown and even black.

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Pineapple flower. Wow, it is beautiful and colorful! I want to have it in my garden some day when I have a garden.


Sesame – looks like a high grass. It is used for producing oil.


Tamarind tree casuarina


Lemon grass. It is curious fact that locals make fire with this grass and the mosquitoes fly away. So the lemon grass is like a natural repellent.

Henna plant – this plant is used for painting and decoration for body and hair. The color is red and turns into black when it’s dried.


Black pepper – the pepper is at first white and turns into black.


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Cinnamon tree – I love cinnamon. My favorite tree. We tasted some parts of the bark and the root of the tree. The root parts smell like medicines and they are used for that, as our guide Hassan explain to us.

Curry tree – We tried the leaves and here it comes the well-known scent and taste of curry.


Coffee graves

Ylang ylang plant – Chanel 5 is made by this plant.

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We have tasted and smelled many more fruits, trees and grasses. We tried local tea made from spices. We bought amazing gifts as soaps made by herbs, spices for any kind of food and exotic perfume for me!

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Zanzibar island is staggering! I am in love with it!

This spice tour is once in a life experience that touches all your senses and imagination.



Taarab Music and Ngoma in Zanzibar

Taarab Music

Taarab is a form of local music in Zanzibar that is a mix of sounds and styles from India, Arabia, and Africa. Taarab shows are as much about audience participation as they are about music. Although the music may be a bit harsh for Western ears, the show itself is great theater. The audience howls at the antics of the other audience members and the Taarab singer carries on with the back up of a forty-piece band that includes horns, strings, and drums.

Below is an example of taarab music 🙂

Check the Old Fort for performances and check with hotel and restaurant staff to see if shows have been announced on the radio.



Ngoma is traditional African dance and singing accompanied by fast rhythmic drumming. There are performances around the island but they can be difficult to be found. Try the Old Fort in town and ask hotels and restaurants. Some restaurants feature Ngoma on certain night. Local shows are much longer than Western shows; a Taarab/Ngoma night’s schedule may last five hours. Ngoma was originally performed at weddings, harvest festivals, circumcision ceremonies and other celebrations.


Ready for Zanzibar?

African vibes everywhere! Chilling summer moments!