10 reasons to visit the Weihnachtsmarkt in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria

Christmas is knocking on the door. Why not enjoying a little bit of the German Christmas spirit at the German Christmas bazaar. If you live in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, or you will travel soon to Sofia –The Weihnachtsmarkt is a nice place to relax and drink a glass of glue wine with friends.


Weihnachtsmarkt is a traditional German Christmas Bazaar but nowadays it is very popular in many European countries. Ages ago, opening this market is a symbol of the beginning of the Christmas time and welcoming the Christmas child. Nowadays is more about the Christmas and Santa Claus.

10 reasons to visit the Weihnachtsmarkt in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria

  • You can taste delicious Bratwurst and any kind of Wurst
  • You can drink glue wine with fruit taste and smell of cinema
  • You can bring your kids to a puppet show
  • All the kids can meet Santa Claus and tell him their Christmas wishes. Santa Claus is giving gifts! Maybe you will have some 
  • There are concerts and music
  • You can buy handmade Christmas gifts and handmade Christmas cards
  • You can have a walk around the wooden houses enjoying the Christmas spirit everywhere and drink hot drinks
  • You can taste Chirous
  • You can have delicious potatoes and cheese
  • You can enjoy the delicious Christmas chocolate


The Weihnachtsmarkt in Sofia is open 11-22 h till 20 of December.

It is not a traditional Bulgarian Bazaar but it has the Christmas charm and the enthusiasm of December celebration.

Enjoy it and if you were inspired to visit the Weihnachtsmarkt in Sofia after reading this article – put your nice photos on the internet with hashtag #travellifestory. This will be the best Christmas gift for me – to see all your happy December moments!

Happy Christmas time!


Colorful autumn in Bulgaria

Bulgaria has 4 seasons and I am so happy to live here in Sofia, Bulgaria and enjoy every one of them!


The autumn is amazing time, not too hot and not too cold. Humans always look for the balance in their life and the autumn is the greatest time to take the energy of the nature. I enjoy my everyday walks, I enjoy being with my dog in South Park in Sofia. I strongly recommend as a must to visit this beautiful park if you visit Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria.


Home is the best destination for me right now, I am collecting naturally painted leaves, running between the colorful trees with my puppy and just relaxing.

IMG_20171014_094728-COLLAGE (1)

The sun gives me soft kisses and makes me feel stronger.

I love this season, it smells on mature fruits, leaves and pumpkins. Smells good, tastes good and that’s why I choose it as my favorite!


I suggest to visit Sofia during the autumn, this time of the year I find it the most beautiful!


Stay cool and keep the positive vibes!

Health and Sport Festival, Sofia, South Park

Health and Sport festival in Sofia, South park before 3 days has past – one of the most meaningful festivals I have recently enjoyed in Sofia, South Park.


I got the idea to start calendar activity on my blog and to schedule all upcoming cool events in Sofia. What do you think?

I like the idea to be surrounded with healthy drinks and food, to have organized open-door classes. You can dance Bulgarian traditional dances and Latino dances, there were zumba, yoga, tabata, fat burning and many more activities. IMG_20170701_182258.jpg

The Health and Sport Festival was during the past weekend and South Park was so alive. Actually I love South park. Every time I am here I find myself so chilling! , people are relaxed and there are kids playing and dogs scrambling.


So the festival was just what I needed for my Saturday, it combined the 3 things I love – Healthy way of life, variety of sport activities and It was held in South Park, Sofia!

Let me show you my tour.  What I met for the first time – Mother Nature Bio Product. These cosmetic products are 100 % Bio and you can even eat them! and they are even delicious! So cool!

What I also like a lot and taste it!

The festival is over but as I promised soon I will implement event calendar and you’ll never miss cool event in Sofia!

The summer mood is on and South Park is amazing place to spread your vibes and energy!


What The Moraines simbolize? Vitosha mountain, Sofia

The Mountain massif Moraines in the heart of the symbol of Sofia – Vitosha mountain is magnificent place to be! It is very reachable – 30-45 minutes by car.


The Stone river – one of the next wonders of the world?

The Moraines of Vitosha are a symbol of great old times. Thracians!

The vitality of the megalithic composition of The Moraines is monstrously complicated. All stone rivers (The moraines) are connected in a mega-complex covering the eastern and western parts of Vitosha Mountain. Exactly where the Solstice is happening!


The Sun Solstice is two times a year, summer solstice and winter solstice. Then the sun reaches its highest or lowest point in the sky at noon, marked by the longest and the shortest day. Some theories say this long/ short day can be entertain by its entirety exactly on the Moraines. The place is good to catch up the first and the last sun light.

Nowadays the stone river of Vitosha is a good improvised “beach” in the summer days. People are laying on the enormous rocks. The place is good for sunbathing.


May be Thracians did it the same way. They strongly believed in the power of Sun.


Go to feel their energy on the rocks!



Travelling in the world of wines while staying in Sofia

This is a story for travelling by our senses.

We don’t see… But we do taste! We can smell it mmmm… We can drink it!



Blind degustation of Sauvignon Blanc in Elvinos shop, Sofia. Find them HERE .

Absolutely fun! The bottles are hidden and we should guess which country is represented by each wine.


Delightful atmosphere and Sauvignon Blanc!

We are travelling on the Bulgarian Black sea side, then we go in Italy, France, Argentina, Chile!

Every taste is different and we close eyes and feel the shades of the wine bouquet.

Freshness. Grassy scents. Bright palette of exotic fruits.

Wine travelling is always nice choice to spend time with friends in Sofia.

Thanks Wine Boutique Elvinos.

Thanks to the best Sommelier of the Year Jivko Enchev .

Summer mood on and let’s keep track for next degustations at Elvinos.


Summer day in Vitosha, Sofia

The hut “Момина скала” is situated near Sofia, in the beautiful mountain Vitosha. It takes 30-40 minutes by car from Sofia and you are at the foot of the mountain.



It is amazing place to spend one whole day relaxing and breathing the fresh mountain air. Vitosha is always a nice escape from the big city Sofia.

There are big wide green areas for relaxing with friends, many benches, hammocks and Wooden gazebos.



There are many touristic paths you can take and reach other huts and areas from the hut “Момина скала”. The closest are Boyana Waterfall (45 min); Historical site “Момина скала”; hotel Elitsa; The Мoraines.

Vitosha is alive! The heart of Vitosha is beating with the Rhythm of all people’s hearts who love the mountain.


Also if you don’t have time to prepare delicious food – no worries , there are some places you can buy food from. The food is ordinary but very delicious. Also there is one pastry shop in the mountain around the hut “Момина скала”, so the brunch picnic will be organized very easy.

You can take your dog, kids and friends and enjoy the sky under Vitosha mountain.


It is a good plan how to avoid high temperatures during the summer day.


Well, don’t waste your time and just go to enjoy Vitosha mountain!


One amazing day in Hydropark Wind Mills

If you live in Sofia, Bulgaria or stay in Sofia for a couple of days, it is a good chance to visit Hydropark Wind Mills. Very close situated to Sofia – 30 minutes by car, close to Dolna Malina village.


This is an amazing way to spent one day or the whole weekend.

Especially in the summer days there are lots of attractions there.



For more information you can check Hydropark Wind Mills site here.


My staying there was on a team building, so I can recommend it as a very nice place to be with your colleagues. So much space for games, relaxing, chatting, volleyball and so much fun!



It was a lot of fun there! I love the park area, the flora and fauna and the beautiful peacocks!




The area is very green and the air is so fresh, it smells on forest and flowers…


Let me share my favorite nook there – it is kind of Italian style, it is lovely and it charms with coziness and nature!





Hydropark Wind Mills is really attractive place to be – you can combine sunbathing with archery, horse riding, walking, zoo visit, volleyball and walking through nooks with smell of Russia, Japan and



Discover by yourself Hydropark Wind Mills! One of the places in Bulgaria which gives you the touch of Paradise.

Special Thanks to Vesela Vukova for the amazing photos! The beauty is in the eye of the beholder! 

In case you are charmed by her talent – find her in facebook by simply clicking on her name Vesela Vukova .

Kavaci – Bulgarian Black sea

The sun is up and the summer is coming soon here in Bulgaria. There are amazing Black sea beaches and summer spirit everywhere!

20150823_115206-EFFECTS (1)

Do you remember my story for Sunny beach. Now let me take you in a place where the story is the opposite – it is relaxing area, beautiful, exciting wide siren beaches.

Here we are – Kavaci, region Burgas. It is between Burgas and Sozopol – so it is really reachable destination on the Bulgarian Black sea.

Destination Kavaci on the Black sea

There is a forest around to decorate the camping area of Kavaci. The subject of protection here is the rare Pontic white dunes and the characteristic sand-dunes.


The name of the district Kavaci originates from the word “kavak” which in Turkish means the poplar, and is so named because of the poplars that grow in the area.


Laying on the beach, drinking cocktail, reading a book… And watching the seagulls’ dance in the air… sounds like a paradise and it is possible! Kavaci. Black sea! Bulgaria!

I was there in September, so my pictures are a little bit different from the usual summer pictures. But I think the beauty of the place is so obvious. Follow me!



Kavaci is famous with the camping area but also have four stars hotels around. Absolutely for everyone destination!

I like the area because it’s calm and I can practice sport activities on the Black sea beaches here (That’s why I decided to go in September), I can stay alone and just breathe. And of course there are beach bars in Kavaci for the time when your summer party spirit will get wild.

I’ve never seen anything more beautiful than the sea before storming!


Can’t wait to visit this summer the Bulgarian Black sea!


Are you ready?

Chepelare & Pamporovo- the Bulgarian pearls of Rodopi mountain

The ski season is open and all mountains are beating with the rhythm of millions people’s hearts!

Bulgaria has beautiful mountains which are waiting to be explored. Compared to other European ski resorts the prices are really good.

Let’s explore Rodopi mountain – there are legends, spirits, skiing, traditional dishes, traditional dances and beautiful nature!


From Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, to Pamporovo and Chepelare ski resorts it takes around 3 hours and a half to reach the heart of Rodopi mountain.


It’s another world out there!


There are plenty of hotels and houses you can stay in Pamporovo and in Chepelare. The prices in Chepelare are cheaper compared to Pamporovo. No matter where you will decide to stay, you definitely should explore the skiing in both areas!

Pamporovo – this is the official site . For the beginners there are really good Bulgarian teachers who can show you the first steps in skiing.The ski slopes are green (for all tourists), blue (for beginners), red (for advanced) and black (for professionals) – so the mountain is for everyone! The slopes are wide and good for skiing. The lifts and all facilities are in a good condition.


Pamporovo is well-known Bulgarian ski resort. The tower “Snezhanka” is the most popular tourist peak. From the top there is a breathtaking view of the Rodopi mountain. In clear weather even Stara planina mountain can be seen. On the tower “Snezhanka” you can take a rest, drink hot drinks and eat.


Be brave to feel the spirit of Rodopi mountain, feel the energy of all the people, drink a cup of tea with rum and speed up yourself!

It is an excellent way to spend the entire day in the mountain and be on a new place all the time. Your breaks will be surrounded by friends and delicious food – definitely try traditional dishes – patatnik, kachamak, Bulgaraian beans, vine leaves stuffed, fruits. Taste the traditional Bulgarian wine! The Bulgarian kitchen is a legend!

Chepelare – next destination for skiing. Here is the official site. “Mechi chal” has its own lift and slopes with different difficulty. Everyone is welcome! The ski slopes are really nice and long, wide and one good advantage – not so crowded as in Pamporovo.


On my walk in the city center of Chepelare I found one beautiful frozen pine tree in the middle of the river 🙂


A good hotel where you can stay in Chepelare is Rodopski dom. They have and spa which is the perfect combination with the skiing all day 🙂


There are traditional pubs with folklore music and amazing food, so you can have really interesting night life 🙂

Enjoy Rodopi mountain!





10 Alternative ways to stay excited in Sofia(Bulgaria) during the winter

Well, I live in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, and here now there is some snow and minus temperatures. So nice cold winter weather!

I do have a lot of fun during the winter and I am very happy to share with you 10 alternative ways to stay cool and excited when outside is minus 20 degrees.

Let’s discover Sofia!

  1. Painting and drinking wine at the newest hit in Sofia – Rosso

Have you heard about this place? It is painting and wine bar in Lozenets, Sofia. Rosso. Charming atmosphere, nice people and so much art on this place!


You can paint your best picture while drinking wine.

During the whole time an experienced painter is helping you. His explanations and ideas are so good, so no matter how “unarty” you think you are, you will have really nice picture to take at home.img_20161229_213436

Rosso has a facebook page and you can trace their events. Also check the locations in the facebook page. It’s really fantastic place to go and relax creatively!

  1. Karting

Sofia Ring Mall has indoor karting and you can drift yourself! If you are a group of friends, they can organize a competition and wake up your sport spirit! The karting has challenging runways so be careful!

  1. Skiing/ exploring Vitosha mountain

The best thing you can do during the winter is to go and celebrate the snow. Sofia has a big advantage as an European capital –  it’s close to Vitosha mountain.In fact, Sofia is the only one European capital with a mountain really near to the city center! So if you do skiing, go to feel the mountain. If not, you can always learn. At least there is a fantastic paths you can have a fresh walk.

For skiing in Vitosha mountain more info check here

For just nice walks – Vitosha mountain again is the right place. It’s no more than 30 – 40 minutes far away from the city center of Sofia!

After the beautiful walk/ skiing it’s strongly recommended to eat in guesthouse “Moten” as the food is one of the most delicious and represents the Bulgarian traditional kitchen.

  1. Karaoke

Yes, You can do it! How about some cocktails with friends and after that you can sing together your favorite songs. I can recommend one cozy place in Student city area. Student city is a place especially for young students, there are plenty of bars, discos, caffees. If you want to party, this is where most of the people in Sofia regularly go.

Let’s go back to the karaoke night. I recommend – Sound Wave. Really nice modest bar for everyone! Find them here.

They have a big big list of songs which can be sung, so no way to have a bad night there.

It’s a rock bar so it’s time for headbanging!

  1. Spa

In Sofia, there are plenty of hotels where you can swim and relax the whole day.

I recommend Victoria Spa in Ramada hotel. The facilities are nice, it’s clean and the pool is huge, which is important if you want to swim. They have relaxing area, two saunas, steam bath, big pool and pool for kids, Jacuzzi, massages, fitness and group sport activities.

More information you can easily find on their site.

  1. Escape rooms

Entertain, friends, thinking, new challenge, secrets… Yes, all these you can feel if you try some of Sofia escape rooms. It is a room where you and friends need to discover, explore and find the answers of puzzles from different areas. It helps you also to develop your team building skills.

The full list of all escape rooms in Sofia can be found here, so don’t wait and book your new challenge!

No matter of your nationality almost all escape rooms in Sofia have English versions.

  1. Boom! Burgers N Steaks

Why not having an amazing burger, specialized exactly for you. Find the place here in the city center of Sofia. You can arrange the perfect burger for you, they have plenty of combinations. Boom yourself with a burger!

If you overeat, you can always have a nice walk on the main Sofia boulevard Vitoshka. It’s a really charming area, one of my favorite for a walk.

Check also and St. Alexander Nevsky Bulgarian Orthodox cathedral in the city center of Sofia.

  1. Latino dances

Well, this is one of my passions. It’s being more and more promoted recently. There are organized classes by reputable dance schools. My school is Salsa Ritmo and I believe they are the best!

My teachers – Tedy & Mitko, become the 4th in the world this winter in bachata style! Check Salsa Ritmo’s site here and choose a class! They also have a facebook page with news and exciting Latino events.

Also there are plenty of places to go just for salsa party dancing. They are very social latino events, you can meet really interesting people and burn some calories, while having fun!

I have two favorites for Latino parties in Sofia:

  1. Kango jumps

Well, let’s jump into the world of Kango jums. It is recently very popular in Sofia to try this sport activity. I really enjoy it. It is a mix of cardio and burning exercises on a loud music. The feeling is refreshing and you can stay slim and feel beautiful! Almost in each neighbourhood of Sofia there are Kango jump facilities. Be crazy, cool and fit with Kango jumps.

  1. Ice skating

Well, one of my favorite activities during the winter. Actually you can practice them only when it’s winter. Ice skating in Sofia is available for you on many places. Check the list here thanks to two amazing travel bloggers and sisters. Their site is fascinating.

My favorite ice skating places in Sofia are the Winter Palace (it is in Student city, Sofia) and Ariana lake ( in the city center of Sofia).

Love the winter! Do you?