2 FUN FACTS about Los Angeles

I spent just 2 days in Los Angeles. This is not enough even to get used to the air.

Los Angeles, California!


Main rule: You need a car! The distances are big and you better have a car with you.

My first impression is it’s crowded and I see a lot of poor people on the streets. On the other side, I had the nice chance to walk through the Orange County streets and wow… Amazing country houses, summerhouses, beautiful huge houses with colorful gardens. Expensive cars on the streets. Exclusive shops. Orange County is a nice area in LA, California! Some of the houses are properties of Hollywood stars.

Orange County streets



1. The Hollywood Walk of Fame is a sidewalk with stars. It was not so impressive neither so wide and shiny.


2. The Hollywood letters are seen so small from the city center that I can’t even share a nice photo of them.

What I love about Los Angeles is the beautiful wide beaches with soft sand and ocean breeze. Amazing pink clouds and the sound of the ocean … people are running, doing exercises, chilling, eating around the ocean, riding bicycles. Kissing on the beach. It is an incredible atmosphere. Best place for a picnic.



Two days are not enough at all. I am going to be back here. It was a pleasure to spend some time in LA and to taste the atmosphere!

Keep traveling!


2 weddings on 2 continents and a bunch of crazy people

Do you remember the crazy Californian bridesmaid party from San Diego? Refresh your mind here.

So, logically after every bridesmaid party, comes the day – the wedding!

I was waiting one year to write about this wedding as now these my two lovely friends recently got married again. So in 2 years, we have experienced one American and one Bulgarian wedding. Crazy, isn’t it? I am waiting to see where will be the third wedding…

So I will use the two summer weddings (happened 2015/2016) to share with you the funniest moments and I will try to compare the 2 weddings, as the distance between Bulgaria and California, which is 6 599.51 miles or 10 620.60 km by air, means something.


We are starting with the first wedding, summer 2015. We are in California, Lake Arrowhead – 2 hours away from Los Angelis by car. I will not spend the time to express my feelings when I first saw my friend, as we didn’t see each other for a year. The emotional part of our first meeting is not travellifestory, so skipping it.

The Lake Arrowhead area is very green and relaxing one. People were friendly and showed us some of the attraction of the Lake. We took a boat and toured around the lake – water splashes and fast speed moments.

The day before the wedding was the rehearsal day. As for me and more 5 girls – the same from the bridesmaid party in San Diego were engaged in the wedding process, we made some repetitions how to move on the alley together with our groomsmen. It was nice, funny, not so long rehearsal, so it was not boring at all. The lady, who explained to us what we are supposed to do, was worried about not to get drunk before the official ceremony. She saw 6 girls – 3 Bulgarian and 3 Irish, crazy enough to be able to do this. Also, the groomsmen were very crazy, so it seemed to be a fun day.


After the rehearsal, we had a barbecue, typical American and my favorite. After the good food came wine time. We met all close friends of our bride and groom and exchanged information on so many different topics 🙂

And here is the day – the wedding! The wedding was very nice, relaxing, no rush. It was outdoor and the weather was warm and sunny. Everything was green, the water from the lake slightly twitched on the sun.


Good thing was that the civil marriage ceremony was interesting speech and not boring at all.

The wedding was during the day and continued till 10:30 pm. I have enough time to broke my shoes, so I went home barefoot. But I am used to partying a lot more lately than this hour.

On the wedding in the United States there were people from more than 20 countries, so imagine how colorful it was! Great experience! Great California and people.

* * * *

Now we are traveling at the time and one year later in the summer of 2016. We are in Bulgaria, in small village nearby city of Haskovo, called Mineralni bani. As I grew there, the words are not enough to explain the beauty of the place (actually I am planning to try in another post, but not now). The crew is here.


Everything is prepared for the wedding and the day has begun. What to expect from one Bulgarian traditional wedding. The recipe:

  1. The wedding starts parallel in the home of the bride and in the home of the best man. Lunchtime. Everybody starts drinking rakia (typical Bulgarian drink) and other alcoholic drinks. Imagine plenty of food also. After some parallel traditional Bulgarian dancing “horo” on the road outside, the party from the best men has to be combined with the party in the bride’s home.
  2. The best men and all his group should “steal” the bride, but the guests of the bride take good care of her. So actually it’s a “fight” in front of her door. After the two groups find an agreement, the party continues with more food and drinks.
  3. The typical Bulgarian wedding includes religious marriage and civil marriage. Personally, this is so long procedures for me.
  4. After everybody gets exhausted because of the long procedures during the mention in point 3 marriages, it’s time the real party to start.
  5. Here there is an official ceremony and after that, it’s a dancing party till guests want to sleep. Which actually happens early in the morning, so it counts the Bulgarian wedding continues usually 2 days.


I cannot say which of the weddings is better, as they are so different. For sure both were very emotional and people had fun. It is nice to gather different languages, different cultures, plenty of traditions and to watch how the interaction magic happens.

The Paris of the West – San Francisco, USA

San Francisco – so called “The Paris of the West” is one of the biggest and industrial developed cities in California, United States.

My first touch with the city was… crowded squares full of people. Colorful people, crazy dressed and overexcited. Yeey!It was Gay parade! It is fascinating at first, but actually I don’t like the smell of urine everywhere in the city center, mixed with beer and some kind of stinky food. But still you can see some nice colors around.

Anyway, me and my crew run away of the crowded city center and decided to investigate it in the next days. That’s how we went to Fisherman’s Wharf. Amazing place with amazing sea food.

Well, let’s go back on Fisherman’s Wharf.

Good place to feel the ocean breeze and to walk around. From here you can see the Alcatraz island and the famous Alcatraz prison. If you like dramatic places, there are some touristic organized trips to the Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary. Some of the tourist go further than just a visit and stay one night in the prison. Imagine what an energy they take from there! Uuh!

For my 4 days staying in the city I was charmed by the city center, it is so enormous and there are so many business buildings. It is dirty as well. If you trapped in the traffic during the busy hours, you are completely off in the next 2 hours!

San Francisco is the headquarters of big banking institutions in USA and various other companies such as: Salesforce.com, Dropbox, Inc., Airbnb, Twitter, Uber, Mozilla and more. Me and my friends have visited one Entrepreneurship meeting in the business center of San Francisco. There are many organized and it’s a great experience, also a good way to meet interesting people 🙂 It is not usual tourist thing, so I like it!

I must say the Golden Gate bridge is really enchanting!

Japanese Gardens are very attractive and the most clean area in San Francisco!


Having such amazing girls with me on this place is a miracle!


Cable cars are kept from the past and many tourist have nice ride with them around the city center.

And last but not least – ta-ta-ra-dam – Chine town – the best place to keep your eyes fully open. I have never been in China, but I want it so badly. I have visited some Chine towns in United States – in San Francisco, New York, San Diego. During my visits in the China towns I didn’t find the vibe I search for …But I found a cat in the food shop.

2015-06-29 15.07.07.jpg

Well, I left San Francisco with mixed feelings. It is so big, that I need more time to decide do I like it or not. But it is glamorous place to be visited, that’s for sure.

Pack your stuffs and be prepare for windy weather!


Las Vegas, Nevada

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right? Before going there, I have asked a friend of mine from California to share his experience from Las Vegas. He said “I don’t go often there, it’s too good and I am getting faded.” The so called Sin City of Nevada has many opportunities for having fun! And the word “sin” is a personal understanding.

What can happen there is unknown – you can lost money, earn money, go to a pool party and lost your swimming suit, you can totally loose the feeling of the time as there are lots of clubs under the earth and you cannot see the sun – is it down or up … Here there is a real example of one fake sky under the Venice replication.


You can see the American version of the Eiffel tower.


You can go in Caesar palace and feel the whole Hellenic atmosphere with sculptures and pretending-to-be-old architectures.

Caesar palace pool, Las Vegas

Then it’s time for the amazing view of the Fountains at Bellagio. It is breathtaking moment and it’s very beautiful synchronized show & music.


In hotel Mirage every night a volcano erupts, spewing a cocktail of aromas and realistic sounds. The main street of Las Vegas – so called “The strip”, has sightseeings from different part of the world and the night view is shiny and marvelous.

Daily average number of couples which are getting married in Las Vegas is 500! It costs 55 $ and 20 minutes to be married with counterpart of Elvis Presley.

The Stratosphere Tower of Stratosphere hotel is the highest tower in the Desert – 350 meters. The view from the top of the roof at the Stratosphere hotel makes you believe that’s impossible to be in the desert! Really! My choice for staying in Las Vegas, Nevada was this really nice hotel, so take my recommendations!

2015-07-01 22.43.39
Top Roof View from Stratosphere hotel


The only forbidden thing is to drink in the public transport, so actually me and my crew were interested in.17.jpg

We found some treasury! And we even didn’t play poker games!

We found some treasure in Las Vegas

San Diego, California Love

I am in love. It’s big love.

I am in love with San Diego, California. And California itself. It’s a magical place to be!

2015-06-23 15.13.30
On the road to San Diego

The purpose of the trip was…. Bridesmaid party! How cool is that, you tell me!

And our bride is the most beautiful ever! Sorry boys, she is married now 🙂


We were four Bulgarian girls and four Irish, the magic 8 group!

2015-06-23 18.52.07.jpg

2015-06-24 01.54.55.jpg

You know, I think Irish and Bulgarians have a lot of common things, I believe we are distant descendants. We have the same feeling for party.

So, how to have the perfect bridesmaid party – the recipe:

  • Take your crazy friends (hope some Bulgarian and Irish)
  • Go to a magic place – San Diego is so magical!
  • Climb on the top of the roof of your hotel
2015-06-23 19.29.36
Chilling at the terrace at our hotel
2015-06-23 19.49.20
It’s champagne time!

2015-06-23 19.49.43.jpg

  • Play “I never ever…” – it’s a funny game, everyone shares what she never does and who has this experience drinks shot.
  • After all shots – open another bottle of champagne and drink it all!

2015-06-23 19.49.04.jpg

  • Make pictures wildly
  • Go to your room and put your nice dress, then cheers for that

2015-06-23 20.03.19.jpg

  • Go out
  • Piano bar with plenty of food. When ready – go to the scene and dance with your friends without any shame – sing and jump, take some pictures.

2015-06-23 20.38.00.jpg

2015-06-23 21.59.50.jpg

2015-06-23 22.00.52.jpg

  • The best bar near your area – go in it.
  • Meet people from all over the world there – take and reject their proposals depending of what they are. Here check some examples of proposals you should take:

“May I buy you drink”

“Shall we dance”

“Your friends are fantastic, may I buy you drinks”

And now some examples for rejection:

“Come with me now to show you something interesting outside”

“Can we marry now”

  • Then be with your best friends, celebrate, forget every bad moments, dance and just be the happiest person this night.
  • Go home together and rest!

This is very trustful formula to have the best bridesmaid party ever! Check it out!

Then what better than a breakfast with coffee with your friends in one of the most charming places in San Diego,California.

All together in the morning – ready to eat

And then just walking time around, there are a lot of things to be seen, a lot of things to be done, a lot of surprises.








Be the best of you, share time with friends, because they are what you are. Show up the kid in yourself and please say “Thank you”. Every day.

New York – Attraction of beauty

78It’s a New York time again.

What better than the sunset view from Rockefeller building. We’ve been attending a piano night on the top of the Rockefeller. Drinking wine helped us to understand better how beautiful the world is.

Beautiful sunset view from Rockefeller building NY, USA
At the top of Rockefeller building (NY,USA). On the back – Empire State.

After the first delight, we have been talking, walking and appreciating the life moments.DSC_0843.jpgWhen going out of the building we decided to fully enjoy the night, we took a limo, we have had a lot of fun there…  we have been discovering the best parts of Manhattan.3.jpg





Our driver was so cool and showed us a special party place, where you can dance all night. It was a lot space over there. There were more than 10 rooms separated with heavy mantles, which is very romantic when you add the music, the lights, the professional dancers, the drinks and the passion.

It was like in a move. There were singers and dancers with their bands. They had dance battle, they rocked the place.




At one moment it was just the dance movements, the smell of the passion and the electricity in the air.

Love that moment! Love the dynamic in life, love dancing and love my life.

I can’t wait to see what is coming next! Stay grateful! Attract the world beauty with your positive vibes!

Love NY!

Central Park, New York

Rainbow of Empire State

This is my favorite song and this is my favorite building – Empire State, New York, USA.

“Stars fall at my feet, keep me grounded as I reach
Higher than I see, is there something there for me?
Pulling back the reins, letting go again
I’m not afraid, I’m not”


“A promise with a lie, is broken by design
What we thought we knew, has been swallowed by the truth
It’s time to light the flame, right before it rains
I’m not afraid, I’m not”


“Something tells me, I know nothing at all
We’ve escaped our capture
Yet we have our masters
And somehow it’s like I’ve waited”



For the fire in my eyes, no words can be found!


Brooklyn Bridge – Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Brooklyn Bridge!!!

As I promised, here it goes. New York Time…

The connection between the Manhattan and Brooklyn is one of the most beautiful night views ever.

It is very interesting how when crossing the bridge the Manhattan’ shine goes and the Brooklin charm comes. This is the best middle in New York. The difference between the life standard of the people in both regions is big. In Manhattan is expensive and mostly the richest people live in. On the opposite, Brooklin says hello to many different types of people, some of them are quite poor.

The bridge’s construction took 14 years, involved 600 workers and cost $15 million (more than $320 million in today’s dollars). At least two dozen people died in the process, including its original designer. Now more than 125 years old, this iconic feature of the New York City skyline still carries roughly 150,000 vehicles and pedestrians every day.

Everyone who has visited NY has her personal story about. It’s so romantic during the night.

DSC_0195 (35).jpg

DSC_0219 (5).jpg

You can kiss somebody, love somebody, miss somebody, meet somebody… Your soul is open for plenty of opportunities, you start breathing deeper and more confident.

And yes, the happiness is inside us, but still, if you have this beautiful view in front of you, please, tell me how can you be sad! Find a nice place to live!


A walk to remember

12.jpgOne of the best cities to visit – New York. This story is not about the most popular places there.

Destination New York


What if you never been in New York – You have missed a lot!

I am so grateful I have had the chance to visit this cosmopolitan city. The first impression of it is stunning. The sizes are different, the distance is just an impression. You start seeing buildings never ending when entering the city. I love the variety of fantastic places you can visit. One life is not enough to explore the city.

When you are late for a meeting with your friends on a 5th Avenue. You promise to shop with them. Running to 5th Avenue.

Wow! The atmosphere is changing so fast. A lot of shops and megamalls around you – Victoria’s Secret, Gucci, Guess, Fendi, Valentino, Dior, Versace… do I need to continue! Fashion paradise!


This is very dangerous zone, you can go bankrupt really fast. Don’t stay long, shop and run!

Running is fantastic if you are in a nice green area, for example Central Park. You can eat with friends outside and enjoy the weather as well. And you can take some sunbathing.



If you like Asia, but you never been there yet – go to China town. Also if you have a lot of friends waiting at home your arrival, that’s the place for cheap magnets, shirts and plenty of souvenirs. It is quite dangerous, please visit it during the day. Sometimes Chinese are unpredictable. Before leaving, don’t miss the chance to eat something from there.

If you are good enough to manage the metro map, then you should definitely visit Manhattan. No words, just lights, just emotion.

Brooklyn! Amazing area. You should cross the Brooklyn bridge once in your life. Just for the view! Just to feel the atmosphere. If you like Gossip girl, then visiting these places put you in the movie instantly. Literally! Everything can happen, stay cool!



Queens – the biggest region in New York.



Staten Island – Beautiful view to the Atlantic ocean, nice walks, long sunsets, beautiful sunrises.

Are you curious for more… Yes! One story is not enough for New York!

To be continue…


Miami, Florida, USA

When I think about craziness, the destination is Miami, Florida, United States.

Destination Miami, Florida – check the link 🙂


Me and my friends arrived at the airport and because our flight was from New York, the first thing we said in Miami was “It is so hot! I am sweating”. Then we went in our amazing hotel, which I recommend – Seagull Hotel. Amazing service, amazing view and so cozy rooms. And it is on the ocean beach!

When you feel the atmosphere of Miami, you instantly grab your bathing suits and run to the beach. Palms everywhere, green places, nice music, colors and rhythm of the summer. You can see everywhere hot girls, nice cars, gentlemen in nice suits, music everywhere. Damn, so hot place to be!

Mexican people feel like local here, so you better speak Spanish there, it will be more useful. Everyone welcomes you – “Hola”. The food is fresh and so delicious. They have plenty of fruits, seafood and magnificent coconuts. There is a market place and you can buy plenty of food on a best price. The fresh drink from coconut is my favorite exotic experience in Miami. DSC_0311 (24) DSC_0312

Amazing weather, perfect for nice walks. Also there are alleys for running and people are really active!2 DSC_0306 (19) DSC_0303 DSC_0297 (10) DSC_0448 DSC_0455 (163)

Miami has wonderful beaches! Nice sand, pure blue water… everything is amazing exotic and relaxed.

Suddenly from the lifeguard we understood there are sharks and we can still swim but on our responsibility. The pool in the hotel is also perfect for swimming – isn’t it.

Niki Beach. That’s one of the best party places in Miami, Florida. Definitely to be visit!

And the city of Miami is charming and shining!

DSC_0484 DSC_0485 DSC_0486 DSC_0496

And yes we bought nice items from Victoria’s Secret!

The girls night out in Miami! Nice chance to celebrate Life!



Life is amazing! Especially in Miami!