Our romantic pic in Vienna

How to survive on a family Eurotrip?

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This is a summer story. And my whole family is involved. It is so exciting to travel with your family but you need to be well prepared. Our team – my boyfriend, our parents, and my brother.

Zagreb Cathedral park
Relax zone near Zagreb Cathedral park

What I missed to think of and how to organize a better family trip than mine? Actually, mine was awesome. You don’t need to believe me, just keep reading.

Summer of 2018. The plan is to travel by car from Sofia to Zagreb. Sleep one night and travel to Vienna. One day in Vienna and then on the road again to Budapest. Budapest was our last stop and here we stayed for 4 days and enjoyed the Formula 1 2018 event! Woop Woop!


Destination Zagreb reached. After 8 hours driving by car. We stayed in a cozy apartment near the Tesla Museum – Apartment Marija, booked via Booking.com. I can recommend the place for people looking for a clean apartment, with everything you need inside, sunny comfy place and nice attitude. One disadvantage is they don’t accept debit/ credit card payments. The price is totally worth it!

What happens in Zagreb, stays in Zagreb
What happens in Zagreb, stays in Zagreb

Not to be missed in Zagreb! Even we had just a day to walk around, we enjoyed the city and felt the spirit of the locals! Zagreb can be divided into Lower and Upper Town, located on romantic stone streets. Walking in Lower Town can be a lot of fun because of the many cafes, restaurants, bars, and music everywhere. Recommended street – Tkalciceva. The Upper Town is the old part of Zagreb and here there are breathtaking places.

My brother met Batman in the city center of Zagreb
  1. Cathedral of Zagreb – It is on the list of the hundred most beautiful cultural monuments in the world.

    Zagreb Cathedral
    Zagreb Cathedral
  2. St Mark Church. Roman Catholic parish temple in the heart of the Old Town (Upper Town). Located on Piazza St Mark, surrounded by the buildings of the Croatian Parliament, the Croatian government, the Constitutional Court and the City Hall of Zagreb. The roof of the church depicts Zagreb’s coat of arms.

    St Mark Church
    St Mark Church
  3. The Tower of Zagreb/ The Tower of Thieves, in the past part of Zagreb’s fortifications. Zagreb residents set their clocks with the sound of the gunshot. If you visit the Tower at an exact hour, you might enjoy the gunshot. There is an amazing panoramic view of the Tower. You can walk on the winding stairs from the Tower to the Lower Town. Really joyful walk, full of music, colors, and a beautiful sunset!

Ok, what actually happened is that me, my boyfriend and my brother really enjoyed the walk in the city but our parents got so tired and didn’t want to walk that much. They prefer to sit and relax somewhere.

Tip 1 for family trips: What can be better planned is to include one more day for visiting Zagreb.

4. Tesla Museum. On the next day, early in the morning, me, my boyfriend and the two mums have visited Tesla Museum. Actually, I don’t like museums but this one was awesome! I really recommend it!

Me trying to be a spaceman
Me trying to be a spaceman

Tip 2 for family trips: When planning a family trip, try to think of what everyone is interested in.

Destination Vienna. 4 hours from Zagreb by car. We arrived in the afternoon at our booked apartment Betariel Apartments S22. It was clean but not enough space. It worths the price and was fine for the night because we planned to travel on the next day but for long staying it will be better to choose something nicer. It was close to the city center and to the metro station.

Not to be missed in Vienna!

Our romantic pic in Vienna
Our romantic pic in Vienna
  1. Visit the famous Prater. It is nice for a walk during the night; there are many lights and music. You can enjoy Vienna’s wheel and the amusement park.
  2. My best is the Schonbrunn Palace and Schonbrunn Gardens – part of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage. I took an audio guide inside the Palace and it was crazy interesting to touch this Habsburg culture! This is my second time being here. The first visit was during one cold winter and there was a huge Christmas market. I really enjoy the summer flowers and the colors everywhere now. TIP 3: BOOK YOUR TICKET ONLINE IN ADVANCE FOR SCHONNBRUN!
  3. The Zoo next to Schonbrunn Palace is the oldest existing zoo in the world founded in 1752. My brother loves it. It is huge and there are a variety of species. We really enjoy the 3 hours spent here and it was not enough but we were run of time.
  4. St Stephen’s Cathedral – amazing Cathedral! Stephen Piazza is a nice area with classy shops, chocolate, you can drink coffee here and enjoy the city. There are nice restaurants, bars, and other entertainments. The city center of Vienna is with historical building and nice architecture. 10 minutes walking from St Stephen’s Cathedral, you will reach St Peter’s Church.

    St Stephen Cathedral
    St Stephen Cathedral

We spend one night and half of the next day in Vienna and we were on the road, traveling to Budapest, Hungary. Hungary was our final destination before returning to Sofia. We needed more time here as everyone’s interests were different. Don’t forget F1 event!

Something that happened to us is that my mum broke the back window of my dad’s car in a ridiculous way at a gas station. My dad couldn’t be angrier but he needed to calm down because my mom got so nervous. We fixed the window with a special tape! and we had the luck to get back home like that! How Lucky people we are!

It takes 3 hours by car Vienna – Budapest. Destination Budapest reached. We booked our apartment here via Airbnb.com – Keleti Station Apartment. The apartment looked much better on the pictures. When we arrived there were a broken bed and broken stuff inside. This was an unpleasant surprise and we informed the host immediately. We informed the Airbnb as well and they contacted the host.

We were moved on the next day to another really nice and bigger apartment and no additional fees were taken. I will write in a separate post on how to avoid booking bad apartments and what to do if this happens to you. Coming soon! I promise.

This was stressful moments for the parents but we encourage them to just stay relax.

The second apartment was perfect! I really recommend it – Royalpest Residence. Our two hotels were located near the Jewish Quarter – I recommend this area for your staying as it is calm and not far from the city center.


What must be seen in Budapest?

Budapest beats with the rhythm of two hearts – Buda and Pest. The river Dunav divides the two sides of the city.

The amazing Parliament building Budapest
The amazing Parliament building Budapest
  1. Fisherman’s Bastion – an impressive structure and beautiful views. Going down from the hill, on the way to the Chain bridge, there is a zero km Statue – the old city center of Budapest where the boundaries of the Empire were measured from.

    Fisher's Bastion
    Fisherman’s Bastion
  2. The Citadella – Hapsburg fortress with nice views and best photos.

    Chilling near the Citadella in Budapest
    Chilling around the Citadella in Budapest
  3. Buddha Castle and the Royal Palace on the Buda side.
  4. The Matthias Church – it can be seen from the Fisherman’s Bastion and it is on the Pest side. The first parish church. The area around is nice for a walk.
  5. The Chain Bridge – this bridge connects Buda with Pest. Before the construction of the Bridge, there were two different cities. During the Second World War, the bridge was destroyed by the Germans but it was reconstructed after the war and in 1989 becomes a symbol of Hungarian freedom.
  6. Walk on the river Dunav side – There is part with shoes along the Danube – a memorial in honor of the Jews who were shot on the Danube after being asked to get out their shoes. You can enjoy a boat trip on the Danube using normal public transport. Just buy a regular ticket (around 750 HUF).
  7. Parliament is amazing during the night and there are nice restaurants where you can taste traditional dishes, for example, Gulas and Hungarian bread langos. Don’t miss to enjoy the traditional Unikum drink! Cheers!
  8. Something I missed – Central Market Hall – it is open every Friday and Saturday and there is a variety of local food and drinks.
  9. The other thing I missed – The thermal baths. If you travel to Budapest during the winter – this is something you should enjoy a lot!

Formula 1 event! My father and my brother are big fans of F1 and they love Kimi Raikkonen. They enjoyed the 3 days spent at the F1 event a lot! They were so happy and full of adrenaline! The tickets were a gift from me and my boyfriend so we were so happy too that our surprise turns to be so cool! I will share with you in a separate post how to organize your next Formula 1 event!

Everyone was so emotional during the whole trip, there were smiles and tears, funny moments and some stressful moments but we all went home more adventurous and knowing each other a little bit more. It turns that this was nice teambuilding! You should try it!


A walk to remember in Budapest
A walk to remember in Budapest


Starry threesome: Budva – Kotor – Dubrovnik

Summer time! Many opportunities to travel. We should grab them all!

2016-05-21 17.22.22.jpg

Here is my suggestion how to combine everything joyful for your summer trip 2016: Take the road to Budva – Kotor – Dubrovnik.

I know you are brave enough to visit more than one destination. If you didn’t think about it – That’s my challenge for you. Take it!

Beautiful view from our terrace…

Budva is waiting for you to show you beautiful mountains, sea sides, nice beaches and old spirit. Budva is famous from its night life and Mediterranean architecture. The city is established by one Phoenican who exiled in Thebes and after leaving it, together whit his beautiful wife found Budva. The city was a part of the Rome Empire, Austro-Hungary Empire, Venice. After the Second World War it is a part of the Yugoslavia, nowadays it is stated in Montenegro. The rich city history stamps the city forever with unique energy and mystique. In 1979 a significant earthquake ruined the city, so now it is rebuilt again and combines the new trends and architecture styles with the old history.

2016-05-21 17.28.05
Old town of Budva

You can have a romantic walk in the old town or go straight to a bar to drink some fired shots. There is variety of beaches with summer atmosphere and joyful views. A lot of Balkans go there, so the party is on the maximum. On the other side very nice restaurants give you plenty of seaside views and satisfied food. Only men are servers and they usually wear folklore clothes as a bonus.

2016-05-21 17.03.26-1
Nice walk through the Old Town streets in Budva


While walking in the old town, I really wanted so badly to get lost through these streets!

Now let’s jump in Kotor.

Just in 30 minutes far away from Budva you can reach Kotor. Definitely do the Fortress Walls around The Old town on the hill St Ivan! Ivan is traditional Bulgarian name. Maybe it is called like that because of Bulgarian possession for an year. It’s a high adorable view at the top of the Fortress Walls. Take some crazy person and give him or her a big kiss – just to memorize the place. Be careful with the stone walls – on your way up you need to lean under them a bit.

2016-05-22 11.20.16

2016-05-22 11.08.44.jpg

2016-05-22 10.51.07.jpg

Amazing Montenegro! And as a destination it is cheap compared with the priceless beauty and old towns’ atmosphere of the decades.

The cherry’s cake is Dubrovnik in Croatia. Maybe you have heard a lot about Game of Thrones. I am not going to explain you details where the specific scene has been taken.

Dubrovnik – the pearl of the Adriatic, part of the amazing Dalmatia region. Take a walk on the Fortress Walls and on the main street. Feel the wind’s whispering. Feel the sea waves and the sun!

2016-05-23 13.43.19.jpg20160523_124122.jpg20160523_124215.jpg

I found one old clock and stayed in front of it for a while. I remember now the atmosphere in details and my skin is bristling: some street musicians play folklore songs, it is crowded and people pass by me talking in different languages. I can feel the sun on my skin and can hear the voice of the sea. The wind is calling me for secrets … I closed my eyes and had the feeling the clock started ticking back. I was in the real parallel time, I saw battles and people, cries and greetings. I felt I was in a Great time and before to be prepared to leave it my friends came to distract me and bring me back in my world with an ice cream in their hands.

Beautiful Adriatic sea, thank you for your salt kisses, nice weather, gentle atmosphere and sunny views.

One last tip before going there: Take the right company with you, which will drink  lots of shots in the night and will walk with hours to discover new places during the day.

Now pack your things!


2016-05-21 16.42.09.jpg