Our romantic pic in Vienna

How to survive on a family Eurotrip?

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This is a summer story. And my whole family is involved. It is so exciting to travel with your family but you need to be well prepared. Our team – my boyfriend, our parents, and my brother.

Zagreb Cathedral park
Relax zone near Zagreb Cathedral park

What I missed to think of and how to organize a better family trip than mine? Actually, mine was awesome. You don’t need to believe me, just keep reading.

Summer of 2018. The plan is to travel by car from Sofia to Zagreb. Sleep one night and travel to Vienna. One day in Vienna and then on the road again to Budapest. Budapest was our last stop and here we stayed for 4 days and enjoyed the Formula 1 2018 event! Woop Woop!


Destination Zagreb reached. After 8 hours driving by car. We stayed in a cozy apartment near the Tesla Museum – Apartment Marija, booked via Booking.com. I can recommend the place for people looking for a clean apartment, with everything you need inside, sunny comfy place and nice attitude. One disadvantage is they don’t accept debit/ credit card payments. The price is totally worth it!

What happens in Zagreb, stays in Zagreb
What happens in Zagreb, stays in Zagreb

Not to be missed in Zagreb! Even we had just a day to walk around, we enjoyed the city and felt the spirit of the locals! Zagreb can be divided into Lower and Upper Town, located on romantic stone streets. Walking in Lower Town can be a lot of fun because of the many cafes, restaurants, bars, and music everywhere. Recommended street – Tkalciceva. The Upper Town is the old part of Zagreb and here there are breathtaking places.

My brother met Batman in the city center of Zagreb
  1. Cathedral of Zagreb – It is on the list of the hundred most beautiful cultural monuments in the world.

    Zagreb Cathedral
    Zagreb Cathedral
  2. St Mark Church. Roman Catholic parish temple in the heart of the Old Town (Upper Town). Located on Piazza St Mark, surrounded by the buildings of the Croatian Parliament, the Croatian government, the Constitutional Court and the City Hall of Zagreb. The roof of the church depicts Zagreb’s coat of arms.

    St Mark Church
    St Mark Church
  3. The Tower of Zagreb/ The Tower of Thieves, in the past part of Zagreb’s fortifications. Zagreb residents set their clocks with the sound of the gunshot. If you visit the Tower at an exact hour, you might enjoy the gunshot. There is an amazing panoramic view of the Tower. You can walk on the winding stairs from the Tower to the Lower Town. Really joyful walk, full of music, colors, and a beautiful sunset!

Ok, what actually happened is that me, my boyfriend and my brother really enjoyed the walk in the city but our parents got so tired and didn’t want to walk that much. They prefer to sit and relax somewhere.

Tip 1 for family trips: What can be better planned is to include one more day for visiting Zagreb.

4. Tesla Museum. On the next day, early in the morning, me, my boyfriend and the two mums have visited Tesla Museum. Actually, I don’t like museums but this one was awesome! I really recommend it!

Me trying to be a spaceman
Me trying to be a spaceman

Tip 2 for family trips: When planning a family trip, try to think of what everyone is interested in.

Destination Vienna. 4 hours from Zagreb by car. We arrived in the afternoon at our booked apartment Betariel Apartments S22. It was clean but not enough space. It worths the price and was fine for the night because we planned to travel on the next day but for long staying it will be better to choose something nicer. It was close to the city center and to the metro station.

Not to be missed in Vienna!

Our romantic pic in Vienna
Our romantic pic in Vienna
  1. Visit the famous Prater. It is nice for a walk during the night; there are many lights and music. You can enjoy Vienna’s wheel and the amusement park.
  2. My best is the Schonbrunn Palace and Schonbrunn Gardens – part of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage. I took an audio guide inside the Palace and it was crazy interesting to touch this Habsburg culture! This is my second time being here. The first visit was during one cold winter and there was a huge Christmas market. I really enjoy the summer flowers and the colors everywhere now. TIP 3: BOOK YOUR TICKET ONLINE IN ADVANCE FOR SCHONNBRUN!
  3. The Zoo next to Schonbrunn Palace is the oldest existing zoo in the world founded in 1752. My brother loves it. It is huge and there are a variety of species. We really enjoy the 3 hours spent here and it was not enough but we were run of time.
  4. St Stephen’s Cathedral – amazing Cathedral! Stephen Piazza is a nice area with classy shops, chocolate, you can drink coffee here and enjoy the city. There are nice restaurants, bars, and other entertainments. The city center of Vienna is with historical building and nice architecture. 10 minutes walking from St Stephen’s Cathedral, you will reach St Peter’s Church.

    St Stephen Cathedral
    St Stephen Cathedral

We spend one night and half of the next day in Vienna and we were on the road, traveling to Budapest, Hungary. Hungary was our final destination before returning to Sofia. We needed more time here as everyone’s interests were different. Don’t forget F1 event!

Something that happened to us is that my mum broke the back window of my dad’s car in a ridiculous way at a gas station. My dad couldn’t be angrier but he needed to calm down because my mom got so nervous. We fixed the window with a special tape! and we had the luck to get back home like that! How Lucky people we are!

It takes 3 hours by car Vienna – Budapest. Destination Budapest reached. We booked our apartment here via Airbnb.com – Keleti Station Apartment. The apartment looked much better on the pictures. When we arrived there were a broken bed and broken stuff inside. This was an unpleasant surprise and we informed the host immediately. We informed the Airbnb as well and they contacted the host.

We were moved on the next day to another really nice and bigger apartment and no additional fees were taken. I will write in a separate post on how to avoid booking bad apartments and what to do if this happens to you. Coming soon! I promise.

This was stressful moments for the parents but we encourage them to just stay relax.

The second apartment was perfect! I really recommend it – Royalpest Residence. Our two hotels were located near the Jewish Quarter – I recommend this area for your staying as it is calm and not far from the city center.


What must be seen in Budapest?

Budapest beats with the rhythm of two hearts – Buda and Pest. The river Dunav divides the two sides of the city.

The amazing Parliament building Budapest
The amazing Parliament building Budapest
  1. Fisherman’s Bastion – an impressive structure and beautiful views. Going down from the hill, on the way to the Chain bridge, there is a zero km Statue – the old city center of Budapest where the boundaries of the Empire were measured from.

    Fisher's Bastion
    Fisherman’s Bastion
  2. The Citadella – Hapsburg fortress with nice views and best photos.

    Chilling near the Citadella in Budapest
    Chilling around the Citadella in Budapest
  3. Buddha Castle and the Royal Palace on the Buda side.
  4. The Matthias Church – it can be seen from the Fisherman’s Bastion and it is on the Pest side. The first parish church. The area around is nice for a walk.
  5. The Chain Bridge – this bridge connects Buda with Pest. Before the construction of the Bridge, there were two different cities. During the Second World War, the bridge was destroyed by the Germans but it was reconstructed after the war and in 1989 becomes a symbol of Hungarian freedom.
  6. Walk on the river Dunav side – There is part with shoes along the Danube – a memorial in honor of the Jews who were shot on the Danube after being asked to get out their shoes. You can enjoy a boat trip on the Danube using normal public transport. Just buy a regular ticket (around 750 HUF).
  7. Parliament is amazing during the night and there are nice restaurants where you can taste traditional dishes, for example, Gulas and Hungarian bread langos. Don’t miss to enjoy the traditional Unikum drink! Cheers!
  8. Something I missed – Central Market Hall – it is open every Friday and Saturday and there is a variety of local food and drinks.
  9. The other thing I missed – The thermal baths. If you travel to Budapest during the winter – this is something you should enjoy a lot!

Formula 1 event! My father and my brother are big fans of F1 and they love Kimi Raikkonen. They enjoyed the 3 days spent at the F1 event a lot! They were so happy and full of adrenaline! The tickets were a gift from me and my boyfriend so we were so happy too that our surprise turns to be so cool! I will share with you in a separate post how to organize your next Formula 1 event!

Everyone was so emotional during the whole trip, there were smiles and tears, funny moments and some stressful moments but we all went home more adventurous and knowing each other a little bit more. It turns that this was nice teambuilding! You should try it!


A walk to remember in Budapest
A walk to remember in Budapest


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Around the world with Vania Oushatova

Dear friends!

I had the pleasure to meet someone whose trips around the world are a pure inspiration to me and to all who love new adventures. I had the opportunity to take an interview with Vania Oushatova, co-founder of HR Recruitment Agency BrightPoint.

with the Incas

Vania has visited 6 continents and 45 countries! Let the journey with Vania begins now.

Vanya shares with a smile how she applied for a visa to the Netherlands in 2006 and took her bachelor degree in the Netherlands. This is a big challenge as Bulgaria is not yet in the European Union. After her bachelor, she decided to do her master in Barcelona. Then, she found the perfect internship for her in Barcelona. Taking her education abroad, she traveled a lot in both Netherlands and Spain and she became an independent young lady.

Vania has a sister and her sister has participated in Youth Exchange in Sydney, Australia. This, of course, is a great opportunity for the whole family to travel to Australia and enjoy the Australian beauties in a month! Australia – a dream destination for many people! Vania continues with the temptations and shares her travel to Fiji and New Zealand! New Zealand is on my bucket list and I am so excited listening Vania’s story about my dream!

After graduating, Vania returns back to Bulgaria and starts a job where the trips don’t stop. She lived 6 months in Budapest (Hungary), 3 months in Milan (Italy), 6 months in Kiev (Ukraine), 2 months in the United States. She travels to North Carolina, South Carolina, Boston, Washington, New York. Vania knows the USA from her past trips to New York, California, Las Vegas.

I: How it is to be on a business trip?

Vanya: I don’t have time for tours and if I don’t live in a place for a while, I have only the weekends to explore the cities where I am staying.

I: Vania, which destination is closest to your heart?

Vanya: Barcelona! I love it because of the incredible architecture, the beautiful buildings, the dynamic life. I love the food and the drinks.

Me: What is your favorite food?

Vanya: I love the Italian food and I eat pasta regularly.

Vania shares “Fifty percent of the trip is the immersion.” She loves to immerse into the energy of the cities and the people, usually trying new food, drinks, new places.

Next destination is the Latin atmosphere of Cuba where Vanya is fascinated how people have fun. The salsa clubs are really cool and the music starts at 9 am!

#Cuba #Куба

I: Which are the most exotic destinations you have ever been?

Together with Vanya we are traveling to South Asia, the day-long party in Thailand, the poor towns in Cambodia, the crazy driving in Vietnam; Malaysia.


Me: Where did you drive around the world?

Vanya: In the United States and Europe.

I: How do you organize your trips usually?

Vany says she is using the services of G Adventures, a Canadian agency. This type of traveling is charming because you meet people from around the world and become friends with them. Exchange ideas, experiences, and inspiration. Vania is still in touch with some of her friends from her trips. Before some weeks she had guests from Australia. She took them to Rila Monastery and showed Sofia city. Australia is one of the places where she wants to come back.

Me: Okay, how many more destinations are on your list?

Vanya: China, Safari in Tanzania, Zanzibar, Cambodia; Peru – Bolivia – Chile; Mexico – Belize – Gwamatella – Costa Rica – Panama. Cuba, Dominican Republic… The Kukulcan Pyramid in Chichen Itza, one of the wonders of the world.

#peru #machupicchu
Machu Picchu – Peru

We are talking about some of the most memorable moments. Vania has been staying with the Mayan foster family. They are very warm and good people. They speak their own dialect but they have been able to understand Spanish. They live in poverty and happiness. She has seen a lot of poverty and misery in Cambodia and Tanzania. In Tanzania during a safari, their camp was attacked by a wild elephant and the leaders have lit torches to chase it. In Tanzania, the elephants are quite dangerous, not like in Thailand – friendly. She watched how a lion attacked a zebra. She is amazed by the number of the street dogs in Central America; the beautiful greenery in Costa Rica. Belize is the most sparsely populated country in Central America. The population is the descendants of African slaves, Mayans, European settlers and mixed marriages.

Costa Rica
Costa Rica
#chile #atacama #desert
Chile – the Atacama Desert

I: Is there any food that you have tried and cannot bear?

Vanya: I have a healthy stomach and I didn’t have any bad experience.

She says she was disappointed with the Chinese food on the streets but the Chinese tea is really good, in Mexico – the local food is strongly recommended. From Gwamatella and Costa Rica, she recommends the coffee.

I: What are your hobbies besides this passion to travel?

Vanya: I regularly practice yoga and fitness, 2 or 3 times a week. I love walking and reading books.

BrightPoint has a major focus now. I’m glad we’re two partners, and when I’m traveling I’m relaxed.

I: What are your travel plans for 2018?

Vania: During the spring I am going to Japan for about 2 weeks. I will travel around Europe. At the end of the year, I will go on a different continent than Europe again but I didn’t decide yet where.

I: Which is your favorite place in Bulgaria?

Vania: Last summer I was in a really cool place nearby Sofia – Cob Camp. The food is so delicious, all guests have dinner together on a big table and you can meet nice people. Just the perfect place for relaxing weekend.

Cob Camp

I: I think I didn’t know another person who has been traveling more than you! Wow!

Vania: My sister has to do some more destinations to reach my list. But she tells me she is younger than me and one day she will have a bigger list of destinations.

Let’s travel and be in a competition with ourselves only!


10 reasons to visit the Weihnachtsmarkt in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria

Christmas is knocking on the door. Why not enjoying a little bit of the German Christmas spirit at the German Christmas bazaar. If you live in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, or you will travel soon to Sofia –The Weihnachtsmarkt is a nice place to relax and drink a glass of glue wine with friends.


Weihnachtsmarkt is a traditional German Christmas Bazaar but nowadays it is very popular in many European countries. Ages ago, opening this market is a symbol of the beginning of the Christmas time and welcoming the Christmas child. Nowadays is more about the Christmas and Santa Claus.

10 reasons to visit the Weihnachtsmarkt in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria

  • You can taste delicious Bratwurst and any kind of Wurst
  • You can drink glue wine with fruit taste and smell of cinema
  • You can bring your kids to a puppet show
  • All the kids can meet Santa Claus and tell him their Christmas wishes. Santa Claus is giving gifts! Maybe you will have some 
  • There are concerts and music
  • You can buy handmade Christmas gifts and handmade Christmas cards
  • You can have a walk around the wooden houses enjoying the Christmas spirit everywhere and drink hot drinks
  • You can taste Chirous
  • You can have delicious potatoes and cheese
  • You can enjoy the delicious Christmas chocolate


The Weihnachtsmarkt in Sofia is open 11-22 h till 20 of December.

It is not a traditional Bulgarian Bazaar but it has the Christmas charm and the enthusiasm of December celebration.

Enjoy it and if you were inspired to visit the Weihnachtsmarkt in Sofia after reading this article – put your nice photos on the internet with hashtag #travellifestory. This will be the best Christmas gift for me – to see all your happy December moments!

Happy Christmas time!


When in Merida with messy hair

Merida is the capital of the autonomous community of Extremadura, Spain. The city sits proudly on the Iberian Peninsula just 174 miles (280 km) southwest of Madrid.

Destination Merida

Merida can be reached by plane to Madrid and from there rent-a-car/ train or bus. Merida is also very close to Portugal and the trip can be combined with some places in Portugal.  Check my amazing experience in Lisbon here.

Unique region with strong Roman influence. Over time, the Extremadura region was held under Christian, Moorish and Portuguese control – marvelous mix of cultures and spirits in Spain!


When I was there sometimes I had the feeling I am in Rome but the Spanish language always turned me back in the reality.

Let me start with the most visited part of Merida, Spain – Mérida Theatre – one of the oldest archaeological sites in Spain. The ticket is less than 10 EUR, so it is a must to go there when you visit Merida, Spain.

20150204_112615Roman Theatre is one of the most Roman places in Merida. It is built in Emerita Augusta (the old name of Merida, it means the Army of Augustus), located in the archaeological ensemble of Merida, one of the largest and most extensive archaeological sites in Spain. It is World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Beautiful wide stage and so much Roman spirit around. Behind the stage is a garden area surrounded by columns. It makes me feel a part of the past. I had so much fun around!


While trying to find some place to eat, I found The Temple of Diana – Perfect Roman style under the Extremadura sun.

20150204_121600.jpgAn old couple joined our group for a walk around the Roman ruins and they gave us more information about Merida.

10690184_880889398600702_6043211934728796442_nAcueducto de los Milagros, another extraordinary example of Roman masterwork, is the ruins of the Roman aqueduct bridge – great place to sit and relax with a drink.

Another bridge which connects Merida with small village area around is the Roman Bridge of Merida – Puente de Lusitania. It is nice to crossed it and have amazing view from there. Perfect time to take some photos.

I spent some time in the village area around Merida and the nature was so beautiful!

Something I missed to visit because I did’t have enough time – National Museum of Roman Art – Museo Nacional de Arte Romano. My friends strongly recommend it as a very arty place.


Do you like circus? If yes, then Roman Circus (Circo romano) in Merida, Spain is waiting for you!

anfiteatro-romano-meridaIt is ruined Roman circus used for Chariot racing – so exciting and very dangerous for the racers in the past, spectacular for watching.

Tip: don’t miss the local Jamón ibérico (Iberian ham) in Merida, Spain. The food is delicious! Taste sangria!


Spent at least one whole day walking around the city Merida to feel the energy. Enjoj Spain!

Take the road!

Sibiu is watching you!

May be you already have checked my expression of the beautiful city Sibiu in Romania.

I have a night story here and I found my favorite clothing store Gossip Tree.

I am in Sibiu (Romania) again and while walking on the streets I have the feeling the houses stare at me, the trees follow me and I have some invisible eyes on my back every time.

I will not explain more with words, just with pictures.





Sibiu is watching you! Did you get the same expression?

Between The Old town and The Lower town in Sibiu – Gossip tree

It’s been one amazing day in Sibiu, Romania!

The city is more alive than ever. From a week lots of strikes against the new government’s laws! Good job, Romania!

But this is another story. And my story is happening every day between the Old Sibiu Town and The Lower town of Sibiu –Gossip tree!  Just click on the name and you will see the location.


Let’s enter the story and go directly into the Wonderland!


The store collects beautiful unique cloths and jewelries from 40 Romanian designers from Sibiu! Everything is arty and you feel like the cloths are telling you stories…


I love home made nice creative style and this shop is full of this!

It smells like home and the music makes me feel like I want to start painting… or at least to create something beautiful!



If you have the chance to visit Sibiu in Romania, this shop is exactly for you. You can have amazing gifts or also you can add something really beautiful and different in your wardrobe!

The Gossip Tree Boutique facebook page is here. I have more good news for you. You can contact them and make your order online and they might be able to send you what you want 🙂

I have the feeling this will return as my practice 🙂

And most but not least the lady in the shop is charming and can make your day. One of the few people who really loves her job!


Craiova, Romania

It’s time to explore the Romanian city – Craiova!

Where on the map?  Here!

What I’ve checked:

It is so spiritual place and there are lights and music everywhere. The Christmas market smells on sausages, hot bread and chocolate.

We are now in the city center, on the main square Prefecture Square Craiova. I expected to see big fountains, so called Craiova Musical Fountain  but because of the winter the fountains are a beautiful ice rink for ice skating. I was skating on the Romanian music, doing circles under the Christmas lights.



During my Craiova exploring I chose the worst time for Nicolae Romanescu Parc. Even it is announced it’s open 24/7 there are no lights in the night time. So I walked 40 minutes to see it’s not safe to enter the park. One tip: Go to the park during the day. Feel free to share with me your experience.

Craiova’s Art Museum. The building is impressive and somehow alive….



Last on my list for sightseeing is Metropolitan Cathedral of St. Demetruis in Craiova.


I visited the Cathedral during the night and I believe this is the perfect time. It was calm and quiet around – only the Cathedral, the shiny alley, the moon and me!


Everything is with a lot of garlic and onion!

Tip: Travel to Craiova but combine with other Romanian cities to have more fun!

Take the road!



Sibiu, Romania – Transylvanian capital in the dark

Have you ever experienced new city only in the night? My first time was in Sibiu, Romania – situated north-west of Bucharest.


I had to work during the daylight. So… Let’s discover the city in its dark side!

Sibiu has one of the most magnificent Christmas markets, so if you are looking for some Santa spirit – Sibiu’s Christmas market is a good place to find it. Lights and music everywhere, Christmas shops and handmade Christmas decoration; traditional sweets, food and glue wine. Smells delicious and … mmm it is!


The Romanian city has been European capital in 2007 and capital of Transylvania. It has many museums and historical parts. Sibiu has beautiful cathedrals with energy from the centuries and unique old style.


What U should never miss if you go in Sibiu?

Old city!

  • Big Square (Piata Mare) – here is the Christmas market every year. The square is in the heart of the old city of Sibiu!
  • Turnul Sfatului – The Tower of the Council


  • Lutheran Evangelical Cathedral & Tower
  • Medieval Bridge of Lies, Sibiu


A legend says if someone tells a lie on the bridge, it starts moving and making crazy noises.

Once you are in the Old town, there are plenty of nice restaurants to go. My favorite is Benjamin. Nice food and charming atmosphere.


The Lower town! Sibiu has more surprises for U! Here everything is going down – all the streets and directions. My tops are:

  • Turnul Scarilor – The Tower of Stairs


  • Passage of Stairs

Here if you’ve missed to eat in the Old town – don’t missed the Lower town of Sibiu and its restaurants! There are small cozy streets in Italian style and Italian restaurants

Also there are typical Romanian restaurants.

Try traditional mamaliga and traditional Romanian dessert!

I enjoyed so much this Romanian city – Sibiu! Strongly recommend it for your next trip.

I challenge you: Take the road and share with me some daily light pictures of Sibiu!


Italy – What’s the schedule for today?

Previous day we arrived in Milano and after all day walking around, it’s our DAY 2 of the trip.

8:15 – Last nightwe planned to travel to Bologna. We need to book online bus tickets as recommended by my friend we are going to visit. We used Flixbus.

8:30 – Dressed up and ready to catch the bus at 10:00.

8:32 – Asking on the reception for the bus station and realizing we need to catch the underground train and to switch it with metro then, so we need more than an hour plus some walking.

After 9 – We are changing the train and need to take the right underground. Short conversation in the underground with young Italian lady.

  • Excuse me, could you confirm this is the right side to reach Verona piazza?
  • Yes…mmm…No! No, no… YES!..aaa. NO…YES

The metro is coming and after the last yes we are in! wondering where we are going. The luck is on our side, we reach the destination right on time. We have 2 minutes to buy water and some croissants.

After 12 – We are at the central bus station of Bologna. My friend is coming! Chao and kisses. She prepared delicious homemade pasta at her home. So happy to see her. It’s been one year I have been in Bologna with her! We have so many topics to discuss!




We have been walking the whole day between the streets of Bologna, I recognized so many familiar places from my previous trip. I felt again the city’s atmosphere.

It’s time for pasta, bruscheti and aperol. More chatting. Italian language everywhere. I like it so much!

6:40 – we decide to go back to Milan with a train at 7:15. Paying the bill and going directly at Central Bologna train station. Without my friend we will never go back, even for her was difficult to understand where we need to go. We catch the train at the last minute and we are in.

Around 11:00 – we are in Milan very exhausted. But we realize we don’t have a toothpaste. It’s really hard to find open shop at this time in Italy. I had this problem on my previous visits. But we stay positive and trying to find one.

Tip: It’s always nice to have offline map on your phone. Without it, we will never find Carrefour shop. After walking more than 30 minutes, checking one closed Carrefour:( we arrived at another open Carrefour!!! 🙂  Going inside for fast shopping.

12:00 – We’re at home, putting alarm for 8:00 am. The touch of my pillow made me fall asleep in a minute.

Kisses from the airplane.


Can’t wait for my next trip! Kisses to Milan and Bologna!

Take the road!

One non shopping day in Milan

Well, we arrived at the airport Malpensa, which is 1 hour far away from the real Milan by bus. We took the bus and went directly to the city center of Milan.


There are enormous buildings in unique Italian-big-city style. Green places between and in the apartment areas.

Me and my travel mate stayed in Eco Art Hotel De Albertis. Old and art building, good price, nice atmosphere, close to the city center. You can find better option, but it will be comfy to be close to the city center of Milan for sure!

First thing to do after check-in the hotel – Milan Cathedral! Duomo di Milan!

Really amazing – yes! Nice details and ornaments, the fifth largest Christian church in the world – Duomo di Milan welcomes you to inspire yourself. It has the most statues compared with the other 4 big Christian Churches. On the square in front of it it’s crowded. Musicians are playing around and they are really good! They create charming atmosphere and bring up your smiley mood. The picture of Duomo di Milan and the whole atmosphere is absorbed through my skin and the feeling is ” I am where I should be right now”!

Personally, I don’t like pigeons and the people putting me forcibly food in my hands to feed them. I don’t like these guys who are selling stupid stuffs on the square and tracing you to trade with you. They destroy my attention and turn the square of Milan Cathedral into trashy market place. So I run away from them.


Basilica of Sant’Ambrogio is then the second amazing area in Milan. The church is built in brickwork of different origins and colors, with parts of stone and white plastering. It is very close from the Milan cathedral.


Also interesting is San Babila, Milan, San Carlo al Corso, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.

Me and my travel mate decided not going at every touristic point but just walking through the city. We did not do any shopping activity, so this totally crossed us off the list of typical Milan tourists. We enjoyed the city atmosphere, the delicious pasta, the cookies and sweets and the wine and aperol. The aperol is typical Italian aperitif, very fresh and restorative. I recommend to drink it during the day also and combine with pasta!


Our adventurous day in Milan finished in the best way possible.

“The Globe”!

We found great top of the roof bar and dinner place to have a dinner. We tasted super cooked pasta with seafood and drink Italian wine. The place is “Globe” – last floor of Coin shopping center. It is a must to try it!


During the dinner we draw a plan how to get 200 km far away from Milan in the morning. One crazy day story in Bologna city is here D+2 on our trip.

Check my previous experience here while waiting for the updates!

Take the road!