Strasbourg, France

France. When everybody hears the name of the country, first association is Paris – the city of Love.

But France has small cities full of colors and impression, which brings you to 90s and gives you the spirit of the past century. Nice girls with colorful dresses ride bikes, the streets are small and smell on croissants, the coffee is amazing, the small shops for bread twist your head around trying to find them, as it’s smell so delicious like hell!

French people have culture and their own rhythm of life and their language is as hard as lyrical. I like listening to their language!

In France, I have participated in a Youth Exchange in Strasbourg with a group of 60 people from Italy, Bulgaria, Spain, Morocco, Jordan, France. The organizer was one of the best organizations I have had the chance to exchange with – AMSED.


We were together for 14 amazing days and discover the city of Youth Changes, the city of Youth power and innovative ideas. We have been playing Forum Theatre in front of French local audience and we were our best.

What is Forum Theatre – it’s a play and the public is an active part of it. The audience can say stop every time it wants and can suggest how actors will continue to play. Firstly people see real situation with a bad end and after that, they can start thinking how they can change the situation positively. This is interaction which involves the society to start thinking how they can bring changes in their lives. This technique is very useful as a tool to open the box and start thinking.



We have interacted with locals and hear their stories. We met a guy in front of the Strasbourg cathedral – a singer and he plays on guitar. This boy was homeless but happy, singing in the city center of Strasbourg, in front of the beautiful cathedral. He spoke with us with very good English and told us about all the cities he has visited and all the experience he has earnt. Even without a home, he was smiling and talking hearty with us!





We have had a wonderful touch of the countries’ food and culture. For me, Morocco and Jordan were the most excited as they are not in Europe and have a unique culture.








Here is the video of our project thanks to AMSED:

Strasbourg has the passion of the Youth. The European Parliament is there. The youth is alive, young people talk about different problems and solutions in the society. It’s really impressive not to see the changes but to be the changes, to feel the changes!


In front of the European Parliament


I got the passion and the youth spirit of Strasbourg and I will bring it with myself as a gift at home. It’s the best I could take for myself and it’s priceless!

Blessing moments!