Floro – hidden beauty in the North Norway

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I was traveling for a whole day to reach my final destination Floro in Norway. And this was just the beginning of exploring the culture of the Vikings living in Norway!

Floro, Norway!

My route: Sofia ( Bulgaria) – Vienna ( Austria) – Oslo ( Norway) – Bergen (Norway) – Floro (Norway).

I reached Floro from Bergen by boat. And this was so cool because I could see some of the very popular and beautiful Fjords in Norway. They are really nice, it’s true! When possible try to travel by boat while in Norway because these Norwegian Fjords are quite beautiful and impressive.




Floro. Beautiful small town on the North Sea. Traveling to Floro can be organized with a flight from Oslo or Bergen. Another option is to get a boat to Floro. If you are in a hurry, you can take the fast boat. If you want to spend some more hours in the water, take the touristic boat. Taking some of the touristic tours will mean deeper exploration of many Fjords and amazing breathtaking mountain views.

The White House in the middle of the North Sea. On my way to Bergen from Floro!

It is not a rumor that the standard it’s high compared with many other European countries. The prices of the hotels are almost one and the same no matter of how north or east you are in Norway and the lowest fares in a good hotel can vary from 120 EUR to even 200 EUR per night. In the summer they get higher because of the high season. The high season is April, May, June when it is expected the weather to be a little more friendly and with more sun. During this period many cruises are organized for people all over the world and Norway is really full of tourists. The white nights are also happening during these months and I really like them!

Midnight in Floro during the summer!

One of the charming things about Floro is that this town is really local town, no tourists and really calm even during the high season.

Everything in Norway is well priced. In the stores, in the restaurants. Norway it’s not on a budget destination. But of course, the quality of almost everything is good. The food is delicious. They have really warm clothes and accessories. Plenty of Christmas ornaments and the traditional trolls figures everywhere.

Good news: The drinking water is free in Norway! It is fresh and super cool! And clean! And you can drink from the tap with no worries! It’s even recommended!

Cold, clean and beautiful. North Sea.

How about the weather? Yes, it is cold. And the local people are a bit cold especially at the beginning of a new conversation. But if you spent some time with the Norwegians, some of them can be nice.



Floro! The town is not a touristic place and the local people are not used to see many foreigners around. In the stores, they don’t have many touristic magnets and stuff and it is hard to make a gift from here.

Recommended hotels in Floro: Comfort Hotel & Quality Hotel. I stayed in Comfort Hotel and I can say it was fine for me, the gym is outside the hotel but it is a big one, the breakfast is super, it is clean and the relaxing area is nice. It is close to the center, close to supermarkets, close to restaurants. Quality hotel is just 5 minutes from Comfort Hotel.

What to see and what to do in Floro? Floro has incredibly beautiful nature! The nightlife is not something you can come for. It is a really calm city. Of course, there are small and big restaurants with beautiful views of the North Sea, also there are some pubs where you can taste local beer. The food is extremely delicious and you can taste different fishes and seafood. Be prepared to spend about 20 to 45 EUR per dish or even more if you gonna eat in a restaurant. A glass of wine is about 10 EUR and the beer almost the same.



Regular view from office building in Floro
Another usual view from office building in Floro
Feeling part of National Geografic!

The harbor is something every town in Norway should have. In Floro, the harbor area is quite nice. Many boats are coming and going and they bring the vitality of the town.

Floro’s Harbor

There is a town football team and you can watch some of their games. I had the chance to be a part of one. It is a good way to experience the Vikings’ spirit! I don’t watch football but I did enjoy the football game in Floro. Next, to the stadium, there is a beautiful path in the forest and of course I had a walk there. The air is so fresh, the trees so big, the forest was really impressive and massive. Everything is so green! It gives me the sense of freedom.

Watching the Vikings football game



Floro’s forest
I feel so small!

There are so many lakes in the city and there are areas where you can sit around them and have a lunch with champagne. You can even have your dinner outside in nature. You know in the summer the sun doesn’t go down or it goes but really lately. So the too many light hours give you more time to be outside on the mountain or in the North Sea.



If you wanna go on a beach, that’s not a problem. There is a nice sandy area, a barbeque can be organized there. It is called Sørstrand Folkepark. It is close to the airport but hidden in nature. In a good weather you can get some ten here and even go in the water, locals said. But that’s more for the locals. I felt cold all the time being in Floro and the wind is cold. Around this sandy beach area, there are some historical monuments from the Second World War. These German Bunkers are many in this area and there are some more in the Forest Area of Floro as well. If you like history, this can be something to explore.



Sørstrand Folkepark beach
Sørstrand Folkepark beach



Hiking is a very popular activity and there are organized hikes for tourists but you can also rent a bike yourself. I got a bike from my hotel Comfort Hotel for free, so you better check your hotel options first. It is a really nice experience. You are passing mountains and North Sea views are just wonderful. The vast mountain area is called Flora district and offers good walking and hiking experience. On the south/ east side of Svanøy, there are many signposted footpaths and hiking paths. You better be in warm clothes!

Biking in Flora District

I strongly recommend doing the Brandsøyåsen Hiking. This is the highest peak in the Flora mountain area. It is reachable from Floro town. I can say it was a little extreme to reach this top, it was rainy and even some snow but the sun came up when I was at the top and the view took my breath.

Breathtaking view from Brandsøyåsen!



Norway is a really different experience from any other European countries. It is the touch of the nature that gives you the sense of the powerful energy around. It is once in a lifetime experience to explore the culture, The North Sea, The Ocean, The Fjords, the beautiful forest in Norway.


Floro is just the start of one Norwegian adventure. I spent almost a month in Norway, so I am really excited to share more of what I’ve learned from the Vikings. Stay with me on the road!



*All photos are author’s property and penalties will be imposed upon violation*

Mud splashes and ATV passions!

It’s been a great weekend spent in the nature of Mineralni bani village (region Haskovo, Bulgaria) and I am going to share more about it. With pleasure! The spring shows its beauty on every step, the views are just breathtaking… the green warm of the forest gently touches your senses…

ATV adventure with Moto Squirrels

I experienced an amazing ATV adventure with Мото Катерици/ Moto Squirrels (click on the name for Facebook). I got so much adrenaline and these guys from Moto Squirrels showed me so amazing paths in the forest. The start: Горно Брястово/ Gorno Bryastovo (in Minerlni bani village). My very first impression at the start: peak Garvanica, or called by the locals the hill “horn” because of its shape. It is an old Thracian terrain close to Mineralni bani village. The hill keeps secrets from the past and the human touch is stamped in the stones. Can be notices even nowadays.

Time for photos. Shtrak! 🙂

Before I even realize what is about to happen I am on the whirl of a cool Kawasaki Brute Force 300 (2018) and the route is unbelievable! I feel the off-road passion in my blood and the wind blows my hair about . All the stress is gone with the wind. I feel so relaxed and I truly enjoy the moment! Moto Squirrels gave me professional equipment and I feel comfortable with it and at the same time protected. The equipment protects the upper body, back, arms, shoulders; I have helmet and glasses, and the mud splashes are not a problem at all.


Share the adventure with a friend!

The route starts a little extremely and we cross a mountain river. Then we speed up and I can feel the power of the ATV machine. WoW! The road is wonderful, green, mud splashes, emotions, birds’ songs, incredible views, sun. We pass a green lake with beautiful tree in front. We have stops for relaxing, taking pictures and just enjoying the nature. Then we pass the area called Юртите/ Yurtite. There is а stone fountain with fresh water. Later on the road, I got the courage to switch with my boyfriend and to take the ride. I push the throttle gently and the joy is in my blood. Off-road emotion! Our guide was super cool and the whole experience was really exciting!

Kawasaki Brute Force 300, 2018
My turn now!


We are on the way back, a little tired and with big smiles. These two hours adventure were awesome! Special thanks to Moto Squirrels and our guide. We promised to ourselves to come again for a ride.

Me, myself and I posing…

We had a delicious dinner in a local restourant in Mineralni bani village and suddenly we fell asleep. Amazing weekend in Mineralni bani ( Haskovo).

Perfect equipment!

If you are passionate about off-road adventures and want to get some adrenaline emotions, to discover new places and enjoy the beauty of the Rodopi mountain – I strongly recommend you ATV adventure with Moto Squirrels.

Special thanks to Мото Катерици and to the spring because it’s so beautiful!

Пръски кал и АТВ страсти!

За мен е удоволствие да споделя един невероятен уикенд сред природата на Хасковските Минерални бани! Тук пролетта разлиства красоти на всяка крачка и погледът се спира на безброй места… докато неусетно зелената топлина на гората нежно ме прегръща…

Започваме АТВ разходката с Мото Катерици!

Изживях невероятно  двучасово АТВ приключение с Мото Катерици (кликни на името за Facebook), които ми вдигнаха адреналина и ме преведоха през невероятен маршрут. Стартът: Горно Брястово, Минерални бани. Отсреща се намира връх Гарваница, хълмът рогче, който е стара тракийска местност в Минерални бани. Този хълм пази тайни от минали времена и човешката намеса по камъните се е запечатала и до днес.

Kратка почика и снимки 🙂

Докато се усетя съм понесена от страхотно АТВ Kawasaki Brute Force 300 (2018 година) и маршрутът е невероятен! Изпитвам силни офроуд емоции и вятърът разпилява косите ми и отнася натрупания стрес и умора. Чувствам се лека и истински се забавлявам. Да вдигнеш адреналина всъщност е толкова релаксиращо! Мото Катерици ни предоставиха страхотна професионална екипировка, с която се чувствахме сигурни и спокойни! Екипировката изцяло предпазва горната част на тялото, гърба, ръцете, раменете; имаме каски и очила и пръските кал не са никакъв пролем!


Страхотно е, че може да споделиш приключението с приятел!

Маршрутът ни започва екстремно и преминаваме местност с приятен наклон. След това пресичаме рекичка и се озоваваме на път, където може да увеличим скоростта и да усетим мощта на АТВ-то! WoW! Пътят е прекрасен, зелен, с пръски кал, емоции, песен на птички и невероятни гледки. Минаваме язовирче с красиво дърво отпред, разцъфнало от пролетна прегръдка. Правим паузи и почивки и снимаме, за да запечатаме тези адреналинови емоции. Стигаме до местността “Юртите” и правим освежаваща пауза. Наблизо има каменна чешма и може да се разхладим. Продължаваме разходката с АТВ и пътят е равен. Досега се возех, но вече имам куража и да се разменя и да покарам АТВ-то. Натискам леко газта и удоволствието веднага ме изпълва. Офроуд емоции! Водачът ни беше супер и беше предвидил спирки, където ни предложи да се разменим и да покарам и аз. Толкова е вълнуващо!





Връщаме се приятно изморени от това двучасово изживяване и благодарим на нашия водач за страхотната АТВ разходка. Обещаваме си да повторим скоро!


След като хапнахме и пооспокоихме страстите, се оказа, че сме се изморили доста и заслужено поспахме! Невероятен уикенд в Хасковските Минерални бани!


Ако искате и вие да вдигнете адреналина, да съчетаете разходка до ново място, да се освежите из Родопи планина – горещо препоръчвам АТВ разходката, която ние направихме! Благодарим на екипа Мото Катерици и на пролетта за красотата в гората!





The city of the Bulgarian Tsars and Emen’s fairy tales.

Bulgaria has been established in 681. An old country with history and traditions. Situated on the Balkans and part of Europe. It is an amazing country for a trip because of its beautiful nature. Impressive mountains, The Black Sea beaches, the spirit of the Old Bulgarian traditions, the delicious food, the home-made wine and the traditional alcoholic drink rakiya – these are just a few things everyone can really enjoy in Bulgaria. There are really cheap offers for flights to Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, so no matter of the season it is totally worth it to visit this small but extremely charming country!

Tsarevec, Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria

Our trip starts at Sofia and we are going to Veliko Turnovo city, situated in Stara Planina mountain region. We drive 2 hours by car. The architecture of the city is unique, all the streets in the Old city are cobblestone and there are many historical places in the city of Veliko Turnovo – churches, old buildings.

Welcome to Tsarevec! Veliko Turnovo! Bulgaria

Veliko Turnovo was Bulgarian historical capital of the Second Bulgarian Empire. It is called the cities of the Tsars because the Bulgarian emperors had lived there and build city-state fortress. There are 3 hills – Tsarevec, Trapezitsa, and Sveta Gora. The river Yantra crossed the city and forms amazing Canyon in the mountain Stara Planina.

The entrance of Tsarevec is just 3 EUR

The fortress Tsarevec is very famous because of the audiovisual spectacle “Sound and Light” which is performed every year during national holidays and festivals of the city Veliko Turnovo. It is FREE and it is performed no matter the weather conditions. It is an outdoor spectacle.

The “Sound and Light” is a spectacular thunderous show presenting the dramatic history of the Second Bulgarian State. One of the best dates to be watched are 3 and 22 March and 6 September. This time of the year the weather usually is very nice.

View from the Baldwin tower in Tsarevec

After visiting Veliko Turnovo our last stop is 8 km away – Village Emen. The village is an eco place where you can relax in a quiet and calm place. Complex “Imenieto”  (click on teh name to find their facebook page) was my choice to stay and I love it. So much green area around, so cozy place with space for outdoor activities, a nice pool and volleyball playground. There is a spa included and the kitchen is really nice. The food is home-made and extremely delicious! This complex contains 8 wooden houses close to the forest. It smells so fresh and you could sleep so well.


In the village Emen there is a famous Canyon called Emenski Canyon, The cave of Emen and the echo path Emen.

Massive rocks, impressive view and an adventurous path will lead you to the epicenter of the Emen’s fairy tale. It smells on fresh moss, the Waterfall of the Emenski Canyon is calling you from the beginning of the echo path. You are trying to get to this waterfall and the road is intriguing.


at the echo path of Emen

The Canyon and the Waterfall of the village Emen are with faerie energy and the beautiful nature around is simply amazing. I feel the Bulgarian mountain is alive and it beats with the rhythm of the rocks, the wind, the water and the sky – perfect harmony between nature and her guests!



Take the road!

Between The Old town and The Lower town in Sibiu – Gossip tree

It’s been one amazing day in Sibiu, Romania!

The city is more alive than ever. From a week lots of strikes against the new government’s laws! Good job, Romania!

But this is another story. And my story is happening every day between the Old Sibiu Town and The Lower town of Sibiu –Gossip tree!  Just click on the name and you will see the location.


Let’s enter the story and go directly into the Wonderland!


The store collects beautiful unique cloths and jewelries from 40 Romanian designers from Sibiu! Everything is arty and you feel like the cloths are telling you stories…


I love home made nice creative style and this shop is full of this!

It smells like home and the music makes me feel like I want to start painting… or at least to create something beautiful!



If you have the chance to visit Sibiu in Romania, this shop is exactly for you. You can have amazing gifts or also you can add something really beautiful and different in your wardrobe!

The Gossip Tree Boutique facebook page is here. I have more good news for you. You can contact them and make your order online and they might be able to send you what you want 🙂

I have the feeling this will return as my practice 🙂

And most but not least the lady in the shop is charming and can make your day. One of the few people who really loves her job!


Craiova, Romania

It’s time to explore the Romanian city – Craiova!

Where on the map?  Here!

What I’ve checked:

It is so spiritual place and there are lights and music everywhere. The Christmas market smells on sausages, hot bread and chocolate.

We are now in the city center, on the main square Prefecture Square Craiova. I expected to see big fountains, so called Craiova Musical Fountain  but because of the winter the fountains are a beautiful ice rink for ice skating. I was skating on the Romanian music, doing circles under the Christmas lights.



During my Craiova exploring I chose the worst time for Nicolae Romanescu Parc. Even it is announced it’s open 24/7 there are no lights in the night time. So I walked 40 minutes to see it’s not safe to enter the park. One tip: Go to the park during the day. Feel free to share with me your experience.

Craiova’s Art Museum. The building is impressive and somehow alive….



Last on my list for sightseeing is Metropolitan Cathedral of St. Demetruis in Craiova.


I visited the Cathedral during the night and I believe this is the perfect time. It was calm and quiet around – only the Cathedral, the shiny alley, the moon and me!


Everything is with a lot of garlic and onion!

Tip: Travel to Craiova but combine with other Romanian cities to have more fun!

Take the road!



Italy – What’s the schedule for today?

Previous day we arrived in Milano and after all day walking around, it’s our DAY 2 of the trip.

8:15 – Last nightwe planned to travel to Bologna. We need to book online bus tickets as recommended by my friend we are going to visit. We used Flixbus.

8:30 – Dressed up and ready to catch the bus at 10:00.

8:32 – Asking on the reception for the bus station and realizing we need to catch the underground train and to switch it with metro then, so we need more than an hour plus some walking.

After 9 – We are changing the train and need to take the right underground. Short conversation in the underground with young Italian lady.

  • Excuse me, could you confirm this is the right side to reach Verona piazza?
  • Yes…mmm…No! No, no… YES!..aaa. NO…YES

The metro is coming and after the last yes we are in! wondering where we are going. The luck is on our side, we reach the destination right on time. We have 2 minutes to buy water and some croissants.

After 12 – We are at the central bus station of Bologna. My friend is coming! Chao and kisses. She prepared delicious homemade pasta at her home. So happy to see her. It’s been one year I have been in Bologna with her! We have so many topics to discuss!




We have been walking the whole day between the streets of Bologna, I recognized so many familiar places from my previous trip. I felt again the city’s atmosphere.

It’s time for pasta, bruscheti and aperol. More chatting. Italian language everywhere. I like it so much!

6:40 – we decide to go back to Milan with a train at 7:15. Paying the bill and going directly at Central Bologna train station. Without my friend we will never go back, even for her was difficult to understand where we need to go. We catch the train at the last minute and we are in.

Around 11:00 – we are in Milan very exhausted. But we realize we don’t have a toothpaste. It’s really hard to find open shop at this time in Italy. I had this problem on my previous visits. But we stay positive and trying to find one.

Tip: It’s always nice to have offline map on your phone. Without it, we will never find Carrefour shop. After walking more than 30 minutes, checking one closed Carrefour:( we arrived at another open Carrefour!!! 🙂  Going inside for fast shopping.

12:00 – We’re at home, putting alarm for 8:00 am. The touch of my pillow made me fall asleep in a minute.

Kisses from the airplane.


Can’t wait for my next trip! Kisses to Milan and Bologna!

Take the road!

One non shopping day in Milan

Well, we arrived at the airport Malpensa, which is 1 hour far away from the real Milan by bus. We took the bus and went directly to the city center of Milan.


There are enormous buildings in unique Italian-big-city style. Green places between and in the apartment areas.

Me and my travel mate stayed in Eco Art Hotel De Albertis. Old and art building, good price, nice atmosphere, close to the city center. You can find better option, but it will be comfy to be close to the city center of Milan for sure!

First thing to do after check-in the hotel – Milan Cathedral! Duomo di Milan!

Really amazing – yes! Nice details and ornaments, the fifth largest Christian church in the world – Duomo di Milan welcomes you to inspire yourself. It has the most statues compared with the other 4 big Christian Churches. On the square in front of it it’s crowded. Musicians are playing around and they are really good! They create charming atmosphere and bring up your smiley mood. The picture of Duomo di Milan and the whole atmosphere is absorbed through my skin and the feeling is ” I am where I should be right now”!

Personally, I don’t like pigeons and the people putting me forcibly food in my hands to feed them. I don’t like these guys who are selling stupid stuffs on the square and tracing you to trade with you. They destroy my attention and turn the square of Milan Cathedral into trashy market place. So I run away from them.


Basilica of Sant’Ambrogio is then the second amazing area in Milan. The church is built in brickwork of different origins and colors, with parts of stone and white plastering. It is very close from the Milan cathedral.


Also interesting is San Babila, Milan, San Carlo al Corso, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.

Me and my travel mate decided not going at every touristic point but just walking through the city. We did not do any shopping activity, so this totally crossed us off the list of typical Milan tourists. We enjoyed the city atmosphere, the delicious pasta, the cookies and sweets and the wine and aperol. The aperol is typical Italian aperitif, very fresh and restorative. I recommend to drink it during the day also and combine with pasta!


Our adventurous day in Milan finished in the best way possible.

“The Globe”!

We found great top of the roof bar and dinner place to have a dinner. We tasted super cooked pasta with seafood and drink Italian wine. The place is “Globe” – last floor of Coin shopping center. It is a must to try it!


During the dinner we draw a plan how to get 200 km far away from Milan in the morning. One crazy day story in Bologna city is here D+2 on our trip.

Check my previous experience here while waiting for the updates!

Take the road!

2 winter days in Vienna – New years Eve 2016

We are a group of crazy people and friends and we stayed in Slovakia, Bratislava for the New Year’s eve of 2016, but we went to Vienna during the days to discover places and drink Viennese coffee. Here we go in front of the Stephansplatz and looking around. It’s amazing crowded and the noise of so many people makes me feel more energetical.


St. Stephen’s Cathedral – it’s enormous and breathtaking and I feel small and patient. Perfect time for best selfies 🙂  In front of the cathedral I see the royal view of some horses harnessed to a carriage – waiting to take you for a slow trip around Vienna.



Well, it is very cold, so from time to time, we drink Eierlikör and wine.



Belvedere, Vienna – Baroque palace and memorable style. We are freezing all but Belvedere wants us to stay more. I start dancing on the music I hear around – the feeling is much better – I am wormed and dancing in front of Belvedere makes me feel I am in the Times of Waltz.


Next stop – Prater, Vienna – while we are entering, crazy rock songs are playing and I and my besties start dancing wild and jumping. After the song, we go on the Wiener Riesenrad Ferris wheel and watch the city from the top of the Ferris. It’s Christmas time so there are lights in the sky and on the ground and songs in the air. But honestly the Wiener Riesenrad Ferris is not so high and you make only one circle with it. Still, it’s fun, because it’s one of the symbols of the city, but I expected more.


After some rest, it’s day 2 from our Vienna trip. We are in front of the Rathaus, Vienna – the city hall of Vienna. Around it’s full of people and Christmas bazaars. We eat and drink wine. Rathaus is all in lights and atmosphere. The bazaars are great places to spend money but enjoy it.

When passing Vienna State Opera we sit for a while to listen to the beautiful music. It is very nice and there are chairs outside where you can relax and immerse in the Vienna State Opera’s energy. Next time I would love to go inside for a show.

Schönbrunn Palace, the gardens are frozen and small crystals shine on the surface. I smile and my smile gets frozen but then I walk around to move my body and to inspire myself from the beautiful Palace. The snow and the crystals give a different perspective, stamp the place with coldness, but I find it for so beautiful!


Next time I will go during the spring or the summer and these places will be so different, I am sure. I can’t wait. It’s like your favorite cake – it can be with different flavors, but it’s always delicious.

Take the road!

2016 New Year trip to Bratislava

Well, the time for drawing the line to see what happened in 2016 is soon. Actually, we have less than 2 months. My year has been amazing, full of adventures, happy moments, love and nice people. Let’s get back to the point – the beginning of 2016. I and some friends decided to celebrate the new year in Bratislava, Slovakia and we have a short trip for some days in Vienna, Austria.

So, we took the road and drive from Sofia, Bulgaria to Bratislava, Slovakia. It’s around 10 hours with a car but can be more if there is a snow.


Of course, there was a snow during the trip and it was cold like hell!

But we ignore the fact we were freezing most of the time and we had so much fun in Bratislava.


During the centuries Austrians, Jews, Germans, Slovaks, Serbian, Hungarians, and Czechs had crossed the country and stamp it with their energy. Slovakia has great neighbors – Hungary and Austria, centuries ago there was a great empire here! On the shore of Danube Bratislava Castle – the symbol of the city, welcomes you gently to get it.

The castle is in the old town and attracts with the spirit of the past and all the antiques in its museum. The view of the Danube river is charming and the wind makes you feel free and enormous. Here I faced the view of the Danube river and with the shadow on the Castle on my hair, I made a wish and almost one year later, it becomes true!

The old town of Bratislava is with cobblestones, small and cozy shops, restaurants, bars. The food is delicious, very close to the German and Austrian food.

Most of the people speak German, Slovakian, English. So lucky!

I find Bratislava for a great city to be for a couple of days. It is a good option to stay there and to go around in Austria and discover even more places. Check out my Vienna experience.


Take the road!