Work with me


Dear potential partners.

I am Petya Miteva, young travel blogger, which became to be in this role once the travels has started. I have been studying Finance and Accountancy in University of National and World Economy – Sofia, Bulgaria – master level taken; and work as an Accountant.

I have been working in the non-government sector and on this role I have been organizing many international events and had many opportunity to travel. This gave me the power to communicate freely with people with different backgrounds, different cultures and nationalities. I have been supporting for more than 4 years cooperative programs – Youth Exchanges and Youth trainings, funded by Erasmus + Program. So I worked together during this Youth programs with people from Bulgaria, Turkey, Macedonia, Greece, Romania, UK, Germany, Brussels, France, Poland, Jordan, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Netherlands, Luxembourg. I got many skills during my involvement in this projects:

  • Worldwide communications
  • Better understanding of the cultures and people
  • Individual approach with each person
  • Travelling experience in Europe and its neighbors; part of Asia.
  • Excellent organizational skills and management experience;
  • Creating international network regarding different causes;
  • Orientation when booking hotels/hostels/apartments in different countries; orientation at the airports; orientation in the unknown cities;
  • Experience as a travel guide for small international groups;
  • Partnership building with non-government Agencies from Europe

I have been a chairman for one year of one Bulgarian NGO – “Step Forward”.

Currently I work in an international worldwide company and communicate with people from Europe, United States, China, India. This is challenging nice international atmosphere. I can better understand people and how they think, what their national distinctions are.

Last but not least I have been working one summer (4 months) in United States and was close to Americans. I also traveled by myself to USA as a tourist and it was nice learning travel experience.

My site has been developing and the process is continuously. I believe in the power of the networking, so the more supportive we are, the more goals we will achieve. If you are:

  • Travel Agency
  • Hotel/ Hostel/ Apartments renting company
  • Car renting, Shuttle or other transfers organization/ company
  • Organizing events where many people can be entertained and socially involved
  • Food or Drink company, restaurants, coffees, shops, souvenir stores, wine company…
  • Companies which has specific national orientation regarding their products
  • Guide tourist company
  • Tourist centers
  • Companies, which have products or services that can be used from travelers
  • Everyone else, who believe we can build up cooperation and work together for better results in help of people

Already see yourself in the list? Don’t hesitate to contact me soon, I can write your story in an honest way to inform people and to support the connection between your product/service and your potential clients.

I am excited for this adventure. Are you?

Petya Miteva,